Phaeton variants?

Do you guys think this is a possibility? We have bashee variants, scorpion variants, ghost variants, Mantis variants etc

so I had a few ideas for phaeton variants
didacts fury
upgraded phaeton with extra armor and doesn’t heat up as fast when firing, also has an extra salvo of missiles

didacts will
Upgraded phaeton with twin linked light rifles, splinter turret replaces missiles and has two evades/boosts.
Also has extra armor of course

what do guys think

That does seem interesting but I don’t think it’ll even be possible to do because the normal Phaeton is legendary REQ 8. You can’t get much higher then that.

We have variants of all the other vehicles because those vehicles are used by different factions and made by different manufacturers. The Phaeton is used by only 1 faction and only has 1 manufacturer. Besides, I really don’t want Phaeton Variants.

What exactly would you do to the Pheaton to make it different anyway, its already a flying, humming hardlight angel of death.
Replace the missile launchers with heat-seaking Incineration Cannons?

Regular Phaeton, down to level 7 REQ, Ultra Rare Rarity

Didact’s Will - Increased armour, 2 evades per cooldown, level 8 REQ, Legendary rarity

Didact’s Fury - Drastically increased armour, chaingun doesn’t overheat, increased missile damage, level 9 REQ, legendary/Mythic rarity

With some adjustments to the original, they could definitely make a working system of three Phaetons, and they’d be mighty powerful.