Petition to Make Attrition a Permanent Playlist

I’m trying to see who else feels similarly about this topic, but in my opinion Attrition has been the most fun thing Halo Infinite has had to offer so far. I could easily see myself and my friends playing just that playlist daily because it’s so much fun and has so much potential. I notice it’s gone right now in favor of the fiesta samurai event (which I don’t like in this game because in my opinion it is not conducive to a fun fiesta experience), and I was wondering if people wanted Attrition back as a permanent playlist like they do for Fiesta

  • I Want Attrition to be a Playlist
  • I Do Not Want Attrition to be a Playlist
  • I Want Attrition to be A Seasonal/Rotating Playlist

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I don’t think every single game mode needs its own playlist. I’d be fine with sprinkling a few attrition games within the existing playlists.

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