Petition to get Original xbox live reinstated

about a month ago i started this petition because i feel very strongly that Halo 2 should be brought back along with every other title on the xbox live service.
Why ring it back?: because many people like me are not happy with the current games and want to go back to what was fun. the community
What makes you so sure this will work?: Im not. This petition though is the best shot at showing Microsoft that we, (me and people who feel the same) the customers of their service want this back.

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It is against forum rules to post petitions. Change the thread title and get rid of the petition link or this thread will be locked.

On topic I would enjoy to see the original Xbox servers back. Unfortunately Microsoft does not have the same enjoyment out of their original service as I do.

As the poster above said, you can’t post petitions. But I would like to see the H2 servers back. Since I never got to play it on LIVE.

Sorry, no petitions. Also, that would be something to take up with MS, not Waypoint.