Petition to bring Multiplayer to Halo 2:Anniv

Well it’s been confirmed that a Halo 2 Anniversary is “in the works” meaning it could be in production; or simply in the pre-development stage. Either way we know that sometime down the line (hopefully as soon as 2014) a Halo 2 Anniv. is bound to happen. With that being said, I have recently started a petition to get some interest and create some uproar to get 343’s attention. The petition is to include an independent multiplayer for Halo 2. Not a ported out one similar to Reach, it really wasn’t that great; but I do appreciate 343’s work!

Now, moving onto the meat of the potato. I believe that if 343 created this H2:Anniv and did include a multiplayer experience, it would bring back quite a few older Halo fans; we can use all the revival we can get for the community. Now when I say, “multiplayer” I’m not insinuating they include “BXR”, “BXB” or “Double Shot”. As much as I would LOVE to see these glitches return, I really don’t think it’s going to happen, it gave people an “unfair advantage”…whatever that means.

There have been claims that an anniversary game with online support would split the Halo community; why not?! It seems to be a good thing, the newer Halo fans can tear things up in 4/5/6; while the veterans can enjoy some Halo 2 action. Splitting the community isn’t a bad thing, plus, I’ve heard arguments of “Well it will net them a loss in profit.” Not technically. If you have 2 games that release, one having been more expensive to make, but very popular nonetheless, it will make it’s money back in game sales, merchandise and tournaments. While Halo 2 will be cost less to re-release, yet be more popular online. It would make up all the investment just through game sales.

Anyway, at this point I’m simply rambling. Here is the Petition if you would like to see a multiplayer in Halo 2 Anniversary.

Thanks for reading.

Just to hop in and say, petitions are against the rules.

Also asking for personal info is against the rules which your link does.