Petition To Add Permanent FFA Slayer.

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If you agree that FFA slayer needs to have it’s own playlist, please post a CIVIL comment and favorite this thread!

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I have seen many forumers and new members post on these forums asking for FFA Slayer to be brought back (myself included). This has been a huge part of the matchmaking experience since Halo 2, and often a very highly populated gametype.

I realize that Regicide is supposed to take its place, but the truth is that adding any sort of objective to FFA just doesn’t work as well as Slayer. The better player is punished with a constant marker for all players to see, and the bounty amount is ridiculous when the crown is held. I believe this gametype would work EXCELLENT as a team gametype, sort of a revamped VIP.

I won’t even comment on the FFA “Throwback” playlist. Just too infuriated to write a civil review on that ATM.

Let’s create some noise on this forum!

I do like Regicide, but I agree that it might work better as a team game. I would like to see FFA Slayer as well.

I agree there should be an FFA permanent playlist. It should have slayer, oddball, koth, and regicide in it.

Petitions are against forum rules.

Well it’s not a real petition. Just a request.