Petition: Make a Ninja Orca Easter Egg in Halo 4!

All those who remember Ninja Orca fondly sign this with your Gamertag. Hopefully if we get enough signatures we can convince 343i to make a Ninja Orca tribute easter egg in Halo 4.

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Go Ninja Orca, I’m going dedicate Halo Warstories to him, The community fan fiction project.




Wow, that would be cool. I’m not keen on petitions but I shall sign this.

Nicholas Cave

Sounds great


Good idea!

–PMS DaxSeven09

lol I came up with a similar idea in the official thread.

DxM Scotty MxD

count me in

Count me

Phat M0nk3y4

Maybe something he said in the forums as quote a marine would say or even have his name in the special thanks during the credits.

And ‘petition’ gets over-used way too much.

I was just thinking about the same thing last night. Bethesda did this for a few members who passed away during the development of Morrowind. I think this is a great idea.


Definetly should. Sounds like a brilliant tribute to someone who played such a large role in the Halo community forums.

—Luke Del

Didnt know him wish i did. Never Forget Ninja Orca.

Onyx Conor

What about the countless other Halo fans that have gone MIA?
They should ALL be remembered with a single tribute.

Anyway, signed.

Didn’t know the man, actually, just saw the tread about it yesterday… Such a tragedy!

It would be great to see a tribute/memorial to him in either this or Halo:CEA


I love that people are signing here for a really great guy, Ninja Orca

I was actually thinking about this awhile ago…


Nova Spartan X





for ninja orca!
signed-cry sum more