Petition for the old rocket launcher!

As you may know many fans are upset that the rocket launcher has a new look, so if you wish to see the old design back back sign this petition!

Well how about keeping new rocket launcher as nontrageting vehicle and bring old rocket as support both for antiair n ground?

For new and creative work of halo 5 a new design is important

Petitions are not allowed on the forums.

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> For new and creative work of halo 5 a new desig

C’mon dude. Look at the date on this thread. No necro-posting…

why wont we make halo

Petitions are not allowed on the forum. If you don’t rectify this the mods will lock this page (In which case Inb4lock- I had to do that just once:)).
Anyway it is a Legendary weapon in the game.

EDIT: Wow just saw how big a necro post this was- should really be locked…

Old thread but I’m sure Ive read that they are bringing back the old design from feedback they’ve had.

First, why is this thread back after seven months of being dead?
Second, petitions are not allowed on the forums
Third, the classic rocket launcher is returning in the form of a legendary weapon similar to the Prophet’s Bane.

Please don’t revive old threads, and petitions aren’t allowed on the forums.