Petition for Spartan Ops offline capability

Dear Microsoft/343 Industries

Please add offline capability to Spartan Ops in Halo 4. It has a good potential but however players like me are for no specific reasoning to play this mode. I have experienced internet crash in the middle of a Spartan Ops section and it shows no problem for offline capabilities. If this is to force players to buy Xbox Live, this is no excuse. So please, again, bring Spartan Ops an offline capability update for Halo 4.
Wile this may sound scam or a spam, this is very important for the survival of the Halo 4 community in general.

Thank you for your attention.

-Halo fans

Petitions aren’t allowed.


When you start up Spartan Ops it get’s it’s maps from the Halo 4 server. So a connection is needed to start a mission.

Sorry but as HurryingCandy said, petitions are not allowed here.