Petition for Haunted Helmet! (343i Read)

First I would like to say, please do not automatically hate on this thread because of the title, please read everything I post. This is a very serious thread.

Alright so let me go ahead and state that I am a Forerunner on Halo: Reach!

With Halo 4 approaching people are starting to request crazy weekly’s for the week before H4 is Launched, which I agree with. But this is my plan. I believe as a “Halo 4 launches NEXT WEEK promotion” people with the Rank of Forerunner and Reclaimer, should be rewarded the Haunted helmet. READ ON PLEASE. Let me go ahead and point out, Halo: Reach was released in 2010, I got Xbox Live and started my online career in LATE 2011. And I’m already a Forerunner, which is very hard work. I’d also like to point out, I have a strict goal to reach inheritor BEFORE H4 is released and this is NOT a way for me to beg for Haunted. NOTICE: Please THANK this post(this is to prove people actually read the post before clicking agree/disagree)

Points of importance:
Once you reach Forerunner+ you’ve got 100% Armory Completion.

Most Inheritors are big time lovers of the game, and understand, all tho Inheritor
IS greater, reaching Forerunner+ is a VERY big accomplishment. And I’m sure there are Inheritors that wouldn’t even be upset over this because TBH I could get from Forerunner-Inherior twice, in the time it takes to get General on a new account.

It will only take a little over a month for me to get Inheritor from Forerunner.

343i Started their rain over Halo by giving out the Recon helmet in h3 to EVERYONE. The Haunted is equivalent to what the Recon helmet used to be. So this isn’t a new concept!

Please vote!

Sorry, petitions are not allowed here.

And in answer of your question - no, I don’t agree. Just get to Inheritor and buy the helmet if you want it that much. With custom challenges there’s no reason anyone can’t make it. You’ve made it to Forerunner, now go the rest of the way and actually earn it legitimately.