Petition for enlarged credit cap!

I think a 120,000cr cap is way to low and needs to be raised to something higher like 300,000cr

I believe the cap is on to somewhat protect against boosting, but I am not sure, but 120,000cr is actually easy to hit if you are a hard core player like myself and hit the cap twice in one day by changing your time zone it is just too minimum.

Even at that, hitting the cap everyday it would take you 166 days or 24 weeks or about 6 months to reach the last rank of inheritor…

That is half a year of playing halo and hitting the daily cap every single day for half a year to become the last rank; in my opinion I believe that it is way to long of a process because you are restricting the time that players can actually get up in rank of inheritor or whatever rank they are wishing to get to by placing the 120,000cr cap.

At least with a 300,000cr cap it would only take 2 months and 3 weeks to hit inheritor if you hit the cap everyday, which honestly I don’t think anyone could do without boosting, unlike 120,000cr.

So basically I think if you guys could raise the cap up to something higher that people can rarely get by not boosting up to it would make the ranking system a bit better because it takes so long with the caps.

I also believe if someone does hit 300,000cr in a day that their account should be at least reviewed or something to try and detect if they are using boosting mechanisms so that it keeps legit players happy and boosters in their place…

What do you guys think?

Sign this petition if you agree that the credit cap should be raised to a higher amount.

I think it should just raise at each rank by the same amount that the “game complete” bonus increases.

120k is actually a lot when starting at private… the reason it seems so low is due to this rank bonus. At higher ranks, it’s nothing at all.

As an example:
From Private up to Lt. Colonel 3 is limited to 120k, Brigadier is limited to 240k, Hero 340k, etc.

I actually like that idea because it is true. I get way more credits now that I am a mythic opposed to when I first started as a recruit.