Petition for Delay

Here is a petition that you can sign which wants the delay of infinite. I encourage you to read the befits that can be had with a delay before choosing what to do.


Why do I support this?
I personally support this as while I don’t mind the graphics too much (although they should be better), I think that key features like ray tracing should be there at launch. When 343 was asked if all core features would be there at launch, they didn’t give a direct answer which does worry me a lot and considering that ray tracing has already been confirmed to be added in a patch post launch, I do think that this is a possibility. I would rather there be a delay then have it launch with features missing which is why I signed it.

Please, not another petition.

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> Please, not another petition.

This right here, like you’ve seen eight minutes of the game, that I might add was compressed for a stream and think the whole game should be delayed.
Goodness talk about an OVER reaction .

No petitions, please.