PETITION!!! For Clan support in Halo 4!

Dear 343 Industries.

This is a petition for clan support in Halo 4. Halo 4 seems like it was designed to screw over clans, for example; no falcon or hornet, having to unlock emblems and not being able to download and access screenshots. People in my clan bought Halo 4 specifically for the clan, and they play it a lot of the time specifically for the clan. I find it is ridiculous that a game that has supported clans so frivolously in the past would make screenshots not accessible for HD download, I figured that you would make film clips downloadable too. Below are a list of requests, it would be greatly appreciated from all clans if you would put these things in Halo 4 or Please release an update with the following:

  • Clan Support in Halo 4 A lot of people love Halo and love to play in clans or community’s

  • A falcon or Hornet Lack of UNSC Flying vehicle has angered a lot of clans.

  • Downloadable screenshots in HD via Halowaypoint.comI would say this one is most important. We need to be able to make recruitment videos over youtube. Which get people into playing the game and playing it more.

There are whole sub-communities out there made up of clans that post things on youtube etc. and play customs, you name it. 343 you made an amazing game, the gameplay is amazing, completely balanced and fun. I’d say it is perfect. But the what I stated previously not being there seems like you are shafting clans and social groups. I know this is not your intention but please put these things in Halo 4 and waypoint.

Posting below at all means you are giving support to this cause. So if you are a troll and you post… Thanks for the support. Post below with what else you want added and your clan name (if you have one).

Thank you

P.S. Here are links to some clan youtube channels and websites:

You need to actually type up the different people and clans that sign this petition in agreement.
I for one agree fully with this petition the lack of UNSC vehicles felt like 343 was screwing us over.

Also i hate to say it but the sangheli that were taken out kind of ruined allot of machinima ideas.

I agree.

> A falcon or Hornet Lack of UNSC Flying vehicle has angered a lot of clans.

Not only that, but piloting the Hornet and Falcon was extremely fun to use over all. Can’t see why the Hornet can’t come back.

Now, if any 343i employee reads this…

In the next Halo game, please make all emblems unlockable from the start. I can’t tell you enough how turned off I was that I had to unlock emblems. Other then that, you did a really great job with Halo 4.

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The emblems in Halo have sucked since the beginning, so unlocking them wasn’t exactly that cool.

OT: The flying vehicle complaint is just trivia. It isn’t THAT CRUCIAL to clans or gameplay.

I would like to see clan matches return as well as the flying vehicles from Reach.

Yeah I agree that there has to be AT LEAST ONE UNSC aircraft that we can use. In most(not all)of the Halo games the were vehicles that people can fly in. Halo 3: the Hornet, Halo Reach: the Falcon. So at least give us the Pelican since we used it in the campaign. It allows multiple seating for players like the side gunner positions, the pilot seat, and the weapons seat. Right there is a vehicle that four people can go ride in.

If anyone else think that this is a good idea please say so. If not, well please put another thing 343 can bring back. I would personally like to use a vulture in the Halo games(hint).

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