Petition for 343i to fix Commendation freezing title update

As the title implies. This thread is hopefully to serve as an online petition for 343i to get their act together and fix what they broke: namely the Credit cap and commendation progress being frozen when you hit said cap.

Multiple users have verified here and elsewhere that the 120k credit cap still exists. When you reach it, both your credits AND your commendations are frozen until the next day.

When Bungie was in charge, you at least got a message in-game saying you hit the cap. Also, in subsequent matches no credits appeared on-screen with each kill, unlike now where you see them and if you push start you see your credit tally increasing, but AFTER the match your credits shrink back to what they were pre-game.

Furthermore, under Bungie you could still progress commendations even AFTER hitting the cap. Now, you cannot. Once capped your commendations freeze too.

343i needs to address this issue. They professed to be increasing the cap, but whatever they did with the update that took away our notification of hitting the cap at 120k, one thing they did NOT do is increase it, and they broke the commendations tracking to boot. Myself and at least one other I’m sure of although probably more have messaged BSAngel about this. No response thus far. We need a public admission of wrongdoing at least, and preferably a patch to fix this mistake. Post a reply if you agree.

it’d me nice but its not my concern. im sure they’ll get around to it eventually.

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