[Petition] "Bungie/Flaming Head" chest piece

It has now been six years since Halo 3 came out. This famous game developped by Bungie became the spearhead of the Xbox 360 and lasted for nearly three years. Then Bungie has decided to hang up the license, turning towards new horizons. Microsoft has taken the case and helped with 343 Industries to get Recon armor without any prior success, then it was possible to get more or less easily. Only the flaming head chest piece, known as “Bungie”, which is one of the most rare today to license content… was completely forgotten … left to the rank of mere legend and inaccessible forever. We now believe that Microsoft would have to leave their community legacy. Bungie studios have more power over the license, and yet they gave access to similar content, the Eternal Flaming Effect on Halo Reach … Yet a more recent game, which shows that this is a legitimate request.

If you agree with our petition, please sign it as soon as possible via the link below. Enter your information on the right of the page and click on “sign” (sorry the site is in French, this is a petition from the French community).

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We begin to minimum 500 signatures. But we need much more to make our legitimate request.

Share this post as much as possible, we need your support!

Your petition made it to 30 signs! I’m one of them!

Not to be a buzz kill but petitions aren’t allowed on these forums.

Sorry but no petitions are allowed on Waypoint.