Petition against daily limit for forum posts

I have some complaints.

The problem: first off, the daily post limit is severely lessening my positive experience in the Halo Waypoint Forums. I have a Spartan Company to manage so I need to post a lot to keep track of everything, plus I have other forum things that I am keeping a thread with.

My solution: Increase/remove the maximum posts allowed per day. I know that the limit isn’t as bad for the higher ranks but I get 5 posts a day. That is pretty much nothing when I have a Company to run.

I want to hear your opinion. What do you think?

Just do your daily five posts and you’ll be able to get a higher post limit. Its that simple.

Petitions aren’t allowed here. The daily post limit was set up to prevent spam. If you contribute constructively for long enough your post limit will go up.