Personnel, Weaponry and Vehicular evolution

So, i can understand Bungie didn’t want to make anyone in Reach look any worse, but i’m confused:
-In the second last cutscene of “The Pillar of Autumn”, where the marine calls you aboard the pelican, note that the AR still looks rather high tech, and in the “The Pillar of Autumn” on CE, the ARs are suddenly very boring. When did they change? Well, when did the weapons change in general?
-Note that the Halo 3 Scarab returns in Reach, dissappears in CE, returns in 2-looking much different, and is (obviously) in 3.
-Note that the machine gun turrets and plasma turrets seem to be a scaled down version of Halo 3’s turrets.
-Note that the Brutes have appeared and also dissappear in CE
-Why make the Elites so badass, when in reach they only change colours+being minors?
-Vehicles ceasing to exist in CE?

Just somethings i was thinking about while playing.

BTW if you have any answers that could explain these changes, please post them,
thanks and see you star side :slight_smile:

The rifles held by Marines in the last cutscene are presumed to be MA5Bs rather than Reach’s MA37. Bungie likely didn’t want to model an entirely new weapon for a few seconds in a cutscene. This is also why Marine forces in ODST are using the M6C SOCOM instead of the Halo 2 M6C or the Halo 3 M6G (or why the NMPD aren’t using the law enforcement shotgun and law enforcement pistol)

The Halo 2 pistol is a different type of Scarab, entirely mechanical and controlled by bipedal pilots rather than Lekgolo worms. The Halo 2 Scarab also has a much smaller body but much longer legs.

The UNSC MG turret in Halo Reach is a different gun from Halo 3 (which is a different gun from Halo 2). The Covenant’s plasma turret could be a new one or a redesign (most likely a redesign, as it’s not that different).

Brutes didn’t disappear. They just weren’t there. Drones show up in Tip of the Spear, but they are absent in Long Night of Solace. They didn’t warp out of existence.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking about the Elites.

Vehicles still exist; they just aren’t there. See my above example about the Brutes.

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The assault rifles are different models. I don’t think the Covenant was planning on the Chief getting to Halo, otherwise they probably would’ve brought a Scarab.

Brutes are minor players in Reach, and because they screwed up at Harvest they were punished, that’s part of why they’re not in CE.

There won’t be as many vehicles or weapons in CE, the Chief really only has what he’s brought with him.