Personally my favourite halo game since CE

Although the game has some problems it is still the most fun i’ve had with a halo game since the lans I had 10 years ago.

To the vast majority of the kids on here whining how “this isn’t halo”. This is how you are coming across

Anyone claiming the older halos to be the piniacle of the franchise… there is absolutly nothing stopping you from going to play the older games, just pointing this out.

I agree, this is my favorite game so far… barely. It could have been made so much better, but for the most part, I still like what 343i has done with it.

I preferred 3 to 4, but I enjoy 4 more than 2 or Reach, without a doubt.


It’s may favorite Halo since Halo 3. I’m just waiting for this second TU update.