Personalize your Spartan?

You know what would be cool in Halo’s spartan customization? A color mixer. So you can pick different shades of a color you prefer. Different color textures. Matte, gloss, metallic, pearlescent, war torn kind of colors to personalize your characters even more.

Thats a great idea!

Yes and don’t forget the undersuit color too.

> Yes and don’t forget the undersuit color too.

The under suit color should stay black…

> > Yes and don’t forget the undersuit color too.
> The under suit color should stay black…

That’s what I would prefer too. Right now it just changes to whatever primary color you’re using.

Personally, I like that idea OP.

Different textures would be a little too much in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for more customization, but I’d like to have a little immersion left. These are highly trained Special Forces Supersoldiers. Or at least, they’re supposed to. I never get that feeling when I’m in SPARTAN Ops or Campaign, but that’s the message that we’re supposed to get. Palmer, Miller, and Majestic do little to help that image, but.

Point is, they’re meant to be military, not sports cars, you know? That’s why we mainly just see these matte colors. Glossy, pearlescent, all that jazz, yeah, it looks pretty… But it’s also highly reflective. Which is a massive “NOPE!” when it comes to all things military.

That said, I’m going to fall back on one point: War-Torn. I’d love to have the ability to do that to my armor at least somewhat. I’m not saying to the point of having my armor falling off, but having some gashes, dents, and grime on my armor would be a Godsend.


All of my friends were ecstatic about Halo: Reach because we actually had armor that had visible ammunition. This irks us to no end. We like to see where we’re storing our ammunition, rather than just assuming that we’re pulling it from our -Yoink!-. Reach had pouches for ammo for the assault rifle, DMR, pistol, grenades, maps, compasses, radios and other such things!

We only get four pistol pouches in Halo 4.

That’s what I really want. Grime on my armor, a place to stuff my ammo, and maybe some more attachments like in Reach…

I’d still like to see some bulkier armors return, too. Didn’t like anything from Halo 4 all that much.