Personal Solutions/Ideas to a Few Things!

I am posting a few things that I think would be good to add to the game.

This isn’t a “these should be added to the game” thread, they are just ideas.

Multiplayer and Ranks

1-50 should work for Ranked and a reach-like system for all other game modes

for MatchMaking

[numbers are just examples, 343 (obviously) would make them more balanced]

1 kill = 5 xp
assist = 3 ((or 7 if like reach and you get more)to promote teamwork)
objective capture/defend = 10 (more or less depending on gametype)

win = 15% bonus xp
lose = 0% bonus xp


10 kills = 50 xp
3 assists = 9 xp
captures 2 objectives = 20 xp

50 + 9 + 20 = 79 xp

win = 91 xp (rounded up)
lose = 79 xp

Therefore giving winners more xp.

Campaign would get a certain amount of xp, similar to what reach did, and other gamemodes would get a small amount.

Armour Customisation and Unlocks

You unlock armour through multiple ways, how i think it could be displayed is shown below;

You go to Armoury in the start menu and another menu pops up where there should be different tabs that you can switch between with RB and LB, which would be under:


[All] is (obviously) all armour that is available at the current time to the player.

[Ranked] is all armour that the player has unlocked through getting a certain level in the Ranked playlists.

[Casual] is all armour that the player has unlocked through getting a certain rank in the Casual playlists and all other game modes.

[Achievements] is all amour the player has unlocked by gaining certain achievements to do with Halo 4.

[Waypoint] is any armour unlocked through certain gamerscore gained in all previous halo’s.

[Special] is any special armour that the player has gotten through things like pre-order bonuses, edition bonuses or through doing certain feats like maybe weekly challenges or certain challenges that bsangel sets on halo waypoint. or by things like achieving Legendary medals.

with the colours on the armour, there could be:

  • Primary colour
  • Secondary colour
  • Detail colour
  • Visor colour
  • Emblem primary colour
  • Emblem secondary colour
  • Emblem background colour

My suggestion is that you could choose from multiple different Primary-Secondary colour variations, like choosing a camo style but for armour.

Similar for detail aswell, being able to choose where and what style the detail is.

Also having the detail and visor colour showing you personal colour when on a team.

Forge and Custom Games

First of all we should be able to change the colour (maybe even camouflage on things like vehicles and weapons) and texture of almost everything, and I mean most of the object like the mongoose, not like the walls where barely nothing changes just the lights.

Secondly we could be able to change vehicles turrets and weapons, like having a spartan laser warthog turret. And being able to change a weapons ammo like making a UNSC weapon shoot plasma.

The two above would make custom games more fun and make things like race better, as it would let all vehicles change to the players colour.

Maybe having things like openable doors, retractable bridges, that could be connected to a separate switch, which would be connected by choosing the doors channel to match the switches, similar to teleporters.

On a similar topic as above, interactable scenery would be a good idea, things like damaged warthogs with some wheels missing that still has the turret on the back (similar to the one from halo 3) or, like the switches idea above, connecting a switch to other things that would detonate or activate certain things.

Not sure about bots, but my only reason I would have them is for machinimas or certain custom games for fun. Not just spartan bots either, every species available in Halo 4 and previous games.

On a similar note, being able to play as all species would be good for custom and machinima.

EDIT: Also there should be a Custom games search menu similar to a dedicated server menu showing game details, max players and current players.

What do you think? What are your personal ideas? Post below!:smiley:

I like your ideas. I think there should also be a custom game finder.

> I like your ideas. I think there should also be a custom game finder.

Added. :smiley:


Some good ideas


Lets hope 343i has a few tricks left …
And not AA’s thats not a trick…

> Some good ideas
> Sir
> Lets hope 343i has a few tricks left …
> And not AA’s thats not a trick…

Thank you,
And hopefully they do pull something out of the hat.


It’s funny how rage and complain threads get more posts and views than actual Idea and compliment threads.

Please post, this thread took me quite a bit of time to do, and took quite along time to re-find the post.

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