Personal request: CALLING ALL SPARTANS!

Glad to hear the recovery went well!

Noah!!! Take your time with recovery you brave young man. However, when you’re strong enough, we need you on the battlefield spartan! There is plenty left to do - whether that is run the flag or earn that triple kill by hiding behind the wall with a hammer… It’s got your name on it. So when you’re on your feet and back to running around, come find us all here on Halo and lets finish the fight.

Hello Spartan Noah, this is Spartan N13. When times are hard or Im not feeling good, I like to think of all the Spartans who push forward through their struggles. I know you’re tough and you’ll make a quick recovery, just like Master Chief! And you always have other Spartans to back you up.

Get well buddy, we miss you on the battlefield.

Sincerely NapalmCryogenix :fire: :snowflake:

Glad to hear you are doing well Spartan! When the recovery is done, and your strength returns, then get ready to suit up and we will see you on Zeta Halo!

Best Wishes

Get well soon soldier!

Watch for the wrong they grapple jacked his appendix

Spartan Noah, the time for rest is now. Soon, you’ll be back up on your feet again, ready to continue taking the fight to the Banished!!

Hoping for a speedy recovery. Best wishes from Spartan “Beast” [REDACTED].