Personal request: CALLING ALL SPARTANS!

I hope to reach your hearts today my fellow spartans, and ask only for a small gesture. One of our youngest Spartans, 9-year old Noah just had his appendix removed through emergency surgery.
He is also my beloved nephew. Currently he is in the recovery wing, and when he opens his eyes, i’d like to do whatever i can do put a smile on him. He has gone through this surgery, like the toughest spartan soldier there is.

I hope to find kindness in your hearts, and ask if you would leave him a message on this post? I wanna show him how good a community he has gotten involved with at his age.

The best regards from me to you all.

Thank you spartans.


Hey Noah, hope your recovery is going good little man :sunglasses:

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Hey Noah, hope you’re recovery is going well. You showed real courage going through with your surgery. Hope to see you on the battlefield some time, buddy.

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Hi Noah, you’re a real warrior kid. Hope you recovery is going well

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Hope you feel better soon Noah!

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Hi Noah, we have never met but I wish you a speedy recovery so you can get up on your feet again and finish the fight.

See you on the battlefield. I’ll keep the engine running…

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Hey Noah, I heard that you had surgery and you were as brave as Master Chief. Hope your recovery is quick and I see you on the battlefield.:+1:

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Thank you all! For being heroes and helping a young spartan achieve todays biggest smile and making him happy! He has a period of recovery ahead, and you all helped him ease into that!


Noah! Hope you are feeling well, we’ve got a pelican here waiting for you when you’re ready to join the fight again. Keep up the good work, Spartan!

Take advantage of the downtime Spartan and we’ll see you in infinite!

Get better soon Noah, the UNSC needs you!

Heyo little man, hope you get better soon. We’re waiting on ya to drop in with us.

Hey Noah I wish you a speedy recovery and fun times with your family! I hope to see you on the battlefield soon spartan!

Hi Noah, hope you get to enjoy the new Halo game very much. Good luck with your recovery from your surgery.
Your sincerely. Tenshi.

Noah, I hope you are doing well and wish you a speedy recovery!

I’d like to share with you where I am coming from and my experience so far with the halo community. I am a 26 year old and first played Halo 3, oh gosh, when I was in 8th grade. I’ve had so many memories and Halo Infinity is bringing them back.

My most horrid memories would include trash talking and gibberish talking in social matchmaking. But the friends I did make didn’t fall into this group and they made the experience great.

I’ve been playing ranked on Halo Infinity and so far, most of everyone is calling out where the enemies are, asking for help, explaining how the match/game type works. It’s been full of teamwork and this is the community I miss. We’re not afraid to work together to win and have fun! Even if we lose, might as well have fun. Yes, sometimes it’s frustrating when dying, a lot, maybe accidentally throwing grenades that unfortunately kill myself… or worst, my team mate and they don’t know… because if the enemy tags you, they get the kill. I need to work better on that!

Anyway, I can’t wait to hear when you start playing with us! Don’t hesitate to reach out to the community when you need help!

Noah, we hope you recover quick and are ready to enjoy Halo Infinite with the rest of us on launch day.

Noah, it takes tremendous bravery to face what you went through. Enjoy that R&R Spartan! UNSC needs you back in the fight ASAP!

Hey Noah!

Hope you’re feeling better, bud!

Here is an update on the young spartan Noah: His recovery has gone above and beyond what you can expect from such a young soldier. He tanked the ache and pain, plowing through and promising he’d be fine, even when he was a tad worried on the inside. He came home yester day from the hospital, after a rough 4 days of needles and medicine. Hardly any sleep what so ever. Today he finally got to play Infinite and celebrate his own Spartan Journey’s beginning.

Thank you to all, for helping him on his journey back home to the Academy for training. Knowing so many would take their time and write here, has really set things in motion in his heart. He finally laughed and smiled yester day, almost as if he had never gone to the hospital in the first place.

Thank you Halo community- the one community where bickering as a family in a feud can take place, but also where we find support in one another through the tough and happy times.


Hi Spartan Noah!!

I hope your recovery goes well! You’ll be up on your feet and killing aliens in no time.

I’ll keep the Hog running for you <3