Personal Ordnance, Yes or No??

So another Community test, do you want personal ordnance yes or no?

I don’t because it makes Halo to random

Loadout weapons instead of power weapons to act as ammo refills.

What Naqser said. Or they give us AA’s

I don’t want this.

Should drop grenades, some loadout weapons and pistols/needler.

If they want to have it drop power weapons, it should be at a random location on the map and not right infront of you.

Im actually fine with personal ordinance in theory but not the way it is now.

Powerful things like sniper/beam/binary and rockets/incin cannon/fuel rod and shotgun/scattershot should be map based while annoying things like camo, plasma grenades, and boltshot should not be in loadouts and be ordinance.

Also i really dont mind the damage/speed/oversheild in ordinance. Basically just get the powerful, game changing, cross map, vehicle destroying weapons out of ordinance.

I love Personal Ords. However, they should be separated by tiers. It sucks to have “repeated” drops.

Ordinance is something I wouldn’t mind seeing gone.

> Loadout weapons instead of power weapons to act as ammo refills.

I wouldn’t mind having this. Also, there should be weapons on the map; Ordnance or not.

would be amazing if ordinance started dropping vehicles too.

I think Ordinance is fine in infinity slayer. It should be more balanced though.

Like I said on the sprint thread, I think it should stick to infinity and not invade the rest of the playlists. That way everybody is happy.

absolutly yes to ordnance. they are an invaluble part of halo 4. i want to see more variety in ordnance drop options over just a weapon or power up, such as calling in a mac cannon strike or a few marines to help you.

I don’t mind PODs in a social slayer gametype, I think they are fun, but they need altered a bit. Also 343i should offer a slayer gametype that doesn’t have PODs.

I mentioned this on a different post, but when it comes to Personal Ords, with players wanting them and others not wanting them. Personal Ord Drops should be seperated in two different settings (Infinity Settings & Classic Settings)

If players want Ord drops, they should be on Infinity Settings

If player DO NOT want Ord drops, they should be on Classic Settings.

Even out the playing field a bit, if you know what i mean.

Yes but only for power-ups and not power weapons or nades (because really, who gets nades >.>).

The Plasma Pistol should be buffed to allow for easier kills (5 shot kill?) and then be implemented into Personal Ordnance. You shouldn’t be able to spawn into the game with both a Plasma Pistol and Plasma Grenades.

Don’t want, just go back to weapon pickups that we actually have to fight for instead of rewarding dmr whores that sit in the back with snipers/beam rifle/railgun/etc.

I’m fine with them in the Infinity settings lists (as is most of the playing population it seems, as those are the most populated playlists). If I don’t want to play a gametype with them, or one where they deliver AA’s, I have those available to me.

I think there are ways to make the ordinance balanced. Perhaps a player could earn ‘ordinance points’ to save up for a power weapon in the game, so that player asks only for primary weapon reloads or perhaps not at all to earn a better weapon selection.

Example: A player gets his 70 points to unlock his first ordinance, but his selections are either primary weapon reload (which ever weapon he’s carrying at the time) or choose nothing for the time being.

The player earns the required points for another ordinance drop, but now his options are along the lines of a reload, a needler/shotgun or nothing (player selects ‘nothing’ again).

The third time the player earns an ordinance it is now the following options: Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher or a reload.

Questions, comments, concerns?

I think it should just be ammo or rare powerups