Personal Ordinances and Possible Solution?

Okay, so I know a lot of people feel that PO is annoying and was designed poorly for Infinity game types. Some people feel that it is relied heavily on luck and can encourage camping. I am a COD and Halo player, so I know firsthand how Killstreaks worked well in the COD series. Don’t flame me, but I am sure a lot of you can agree that ordinances concept is kind of a rip off from the COD Killstreaks system. I feel that an ordinance system is a good idea, but it needs balancing and has to make luck a much lower fsctor. I am going to propose some solution from my experience from COD and perhaps can make ordinances work much better.

Ordinances should be tiered. In COD, Killstreaks are tiered by the number of kills you have in a row. For example, you get a UAV by earning three kills in a row without dying, the. 5 kills in a row you get a sentry gun, as you get more kills in a row, the. You get better and stronger Killstreaks. The debate about COD Killstreaks has always been “stacked” or “non stacked”. Stacked means that if I get a chopper with my 7 kills kill streak, then the kills from that chopper will count towards your current Killstreaks and makes achieving the next kill streak much easier.

Non stackable means that your current Killstreaks’s kills won’t count towards your next killstreak. What that means is that lets say your chopper got you five kills, but those kills won’t count toward your next kill streak… In my opinion, in Halo we should use stackable system. Since we do not get CPU controlled support from the sky or something, but rather weapons dropped at our disposal.

So what I am saying is that we should have tiered ordinances. For example, if you get a killing spree, or a combo of assists plus kills without dying, then you can call in an ordinance and it can have a choice of grenades, your starting loadout rifle weapon ammo refill, needler, shotgun, scattershot, or speed boost. And your kills with these weapons will count towards your next ordinance drop as long as you stay alive.

Now the second tier will consist of stronger weapons or abilities. For example, once you have a killing frenzy, or a combo of kills and assists without dying. Then you can call in an ordinance that has stronger weapons such as Snipers, damage boost, over shield, sticky detonator. Weapons that aren’t one shot kills no matter what.

Finally, if you can get a rampage or a combo of assist and deaths without dying, the. You can call in stuff like rockets, binary rifle, incinary cannon and stuff like that.

I am sure 343 can figure out a good point system for players to achieve thsse ordinances. But by making ordinances tiered, the. Players actually have to play well and earn it. We can give more bonus points for a flag cap, and reduce the points you can earn for a kill in objective. (That would encourage playing the objective and less kill -Yoink!- for ordinances.)

A tiered ordinances system will take luck out of the equation. As a player has to stay alive and have a big streak in order to earn those ridiculous weapons. Of course there can be room for improvements and such, but these are just some of my ideas. Let me know what do you think! Thanks and cheers!

At present, the Personal Ordinance system is to random. It needs to be leveled across the board. I agree with your tiered idea quite a bit… but I am still having trouble accepting the concept into the general game play sandbox that is Halo in the first place.

‘non-stacked’ ordinance sounds goood

Yeah I am not a big fan of PO either. But if they are going to stay, then it needs to be corrected so luck is not a huge factor in earning these ordinances.

I have a feeling that if PO was just a bit more predictable (3-5 weapon selections per map), less powerful (no rockets or snipers), closer in usefulness/power level, people would be fine with it.

Well not fine, people would still complain of course. But what do you expect, it’s the Halo forum.

Yeah I think people want to fight over power weapons, so we can have map control and an incentive to move forward. But I don’t think PO is going anywhere, anytime soon.

POD are a dead issue!


There are now versions of play lists and game types with POD and without it…something for everyone. POD is here to stay and will be in Halo 5.

The issue really is, has 343i got the message that from launch day, there must be separate versions of the game types for those who like the 343i modern feel of the game and versions for those who like a classic feel to the game.

Ranks should be there for the competitive players from launch day and a causal ranking system with Halo Reach/Halo 3 style ranks aka Corporal, Captain etc.

The DMR will be back and is fine as is…again, we have lists for it and without it…fair and balanced…everyone is happy.

There should be a fair mix between 4v4 maps and big maps…equal split is fine by me.

Personal ordinance can work, but what comes in personal ordnance needs to be fixed instead of random or luck based. For example, every time you score seven consecutive kills, you are awarded personal ordnance, but you must choose between the oversheild, speed boost, or damage boost. This way, players are rewarded for playing well, and the randomness/luck factor is eliminated by giving every player the same options.

There shouldn’t be tiers, they just need a lot removed from them. In BTB rockets, fuel rod, iCannon, laser, and all snipers should be removed form PO and placed in fixed, contestable, positions at consistent intervals, or be mirrored for each team like the snipers on Ragnarok.

In 5v5 and 4v4 all OHK weapons + damage boost should be removed from PO. While a railgun might be more limited on BTB, in 4v4 in can be a game changer.

That leaves: frags, plasmas, pulse, needler, speed boost, 1x over, concussion, and SAW. These reward the player without completely changing outcome in the game in most cases. This path encourages map control in BTB and 4v4 without completely excising them from the game. While removing them outright would be the best option, I am trying to be more practical.

Halo 4 has so much potential, but it is hidden behind a whole bunch of fluff like personal ordinance and random world ordinance.

what if it just dropped AA’s of the players choice :smiley:

It’s spelt ordnance, not ordinance. Ordinance is a law. Don’t flamethrower me please.

I liked this guys idea for ordinance better. Basically everything reverts back to classic Halo equal starts (AR,magnum,frags) while ordinance basically takes the information from your selected load-out and makes your primary,AA,and grenade drop inside of ordinance instead. We still get the best of both worlds plus it breaks away from camo camping and DMR spammers while effectively keeping the classic with the new. Though i would apply a reset of ordinance upon death to make it more of a challenge while making your receiving of ordinance more dependent on medals for like double kills or vehicle kills and stuff. IDK what do you guys think.

We can certainly make it more challenging. But they need to start putting ammo refills back on map. Or else with the lack of ordinances, we will run out of ammo easily lol.

But I just feel that with tiered ordnances, we take luck out of the equation. As the lucky guy who got five kills in a row won’t get a binary, but the guy on a running riot will get his well deserved binary.

I don’t really agree with this solution. Having the top player guaranteed to be running around with uber-power weapons would make the game even less fun. The main problem with it currently though, is the overabundance of mid-tier power weapons (shotguns, SAW, sticky detonator, railgun). Everybody has a power weapon and there’s no way you cant ell what it will be. Team Slayer has just become Fiesta Slayer…

Ordnance needs to be tiered or customizeable, along with not racking up more ordnances. Or rather something more innovative like Mesonic brought up.

But either way I’d rather just see the idea scrapped or left out of most matchmaking playlists. It doesn’t serve any useful purpose in my opinion.