Personal Ordinance in Big Team

I’ve been playing a lot of big team lately on Halo 4 and since day 1 I’ve noticed an over-abundance of power weapons to the point where most of the team has at least a human sniper. It has actually gotten to the point where it is almost impossible to break a trap with teams calling in ordinance. Personal Ordinance may have been a good idea in theory but in practice it just fails miserably. Some fixes for this could be an elimination of ordinance from big team, modify the system so it could resupply your loadout’s weapons or make it harder for the teams to earn it. I’ve loved big team since Halo 3 and I just don’t think personal ordinance was a good idea for this game mode. Thoughts???

Ordinance Priority… Means always getting three PODs every game… Plus whatever is on the map. So much power weapon spam.

Edit: more info on Personal Ordinance Drops


You could

make it so only good players get ordinance

Got map control and all the vehicles? Not for long when some noob gets a Laser given to him at his feet.

If only personal ordinance just resupplied your weapons most of the time instead of sending some power weapon that throws off the balance and just leaves power weapons to the map drop locations.

Roll in BTB with ordinace priority and requisition. Pretty much improves your odds of getting a power wepaon you want.