Personal Opinions on Halo 5 YMMV

So after playing a while and waiting for people to get better at it to put up a good balanced fight. I will offer my opinions.

The AR, SMG and Smart Scope.

They are now useful combat weapons that would actually be worth issuing to infantry. While I can understand why some are angry, its effectiveness depends on two things.

  • The User- The Tactics of its employment
    It was always supposed to be a close to mid-range weapon, while adding a 2x scope to the AR and decreasing overall spread would have obviously increased its combat effectiveness, what has been done in this game is not bad.

When faced against BR and DMR users, it depends on wither or not they know you are there and how they respond. In my experience, the AR is no DMR or BR but its increased effectiveness allows AR users to better engage them and defend themselves. When both players end up descoping each other at close to medium range it becomes a contest of skill and luck. Which is fine depending on the circumstances, you will never be able to get rid of luck.

Less so for the SMG but the same things apply.

Right now I generally avoid engaging people face to face and instead flank and ambush the enemy. Sneak up on them and confuse them. Attack and if it is clear that things may not go my way, retreat immediately. No point in getting yourself killed.

I can understand the hate for the smart scope but its effects on the AR and SMG are ultimately necessary to make them more viable weapons worthy of a military, the BR is still more of an Assault Rifle than the actual AR in many aspects of its usage. They could be combined into one IMO

The Smart Scope

For those wanting to get rid of its effects, watch this video and realize that such things have existed before. - YouTube

When you shoulder and aim a weapon tightly such affects can be seen in most people. If you remove it’s effect from one weapon, you will have to remove it from all.


I like the new grenades, they actually have explosives in them and not 50% explosives and 50% flash powder. They are not to be fooled around with.


Movement is actually good, better than all the other halo games if you ask me because you actually feel like a Spartan. The Clamber is excellent and boost thrusters are excellent for dodging grenades and getting away from enemy fire.


What gets most people killed is a combination of bad luck, and personal and tactical errors (over-confidence). They as I like to say, “over extended and walked straight into ambushes and traps.”

It feels like Halo, looks like Halo and moves in a nice direction without losing itself or becoming another Halo 2 or 3. Innovation and change is good if properly implemented like here.

Just finalize the character models and we are good.