Personal/initial Drops news+ extra.

Don’t know if this video has been posted or discussed yet. Great information about some competitive features.

Those worried about the randomness in personal drops and initial drops should skip to about 17 minutes in. In custom modes you can edit in personal drops what can show up and how good of a chance those will appear in. You can also edit how many points it takes to earn a drop. Best thing is those same features can be applied to initial drops as well.

This is good news for customs but how does it benifit matchmaking? Well as you all know MLG is basically a community made playlist. So this means they can use infinity settings to be competitive. You won’t have to worry in initial drops about one team getting a binary and your team getting a sticky det. It can be less random basically.

If my wording confuses you just watch the video at around 17 min for what im talking about.

Really surprised no ones talking about this. Threads were complaining about this just yesturday.

there are like 15 posts about it from yesterday jsuk

> there are like 15 posts about it from yesterday jsuk

The video has only been up for 11 hours though. I haven’t seen any threads of it.