Personal Halo 5 feedback

Spartan abilities

  • SprintPlayers can still stay alive by sprinting away toward teammates. I think a good way to fix sprint is to allow player to sprint only if they are full shield and full health. In this way, people will have to find creative and skillful ways to stay alive instead of just running away. In addition, this will increase the importance of putting shots at the beginning of a game when people will go for power weapons.
    This will also allow to add some new gameplay feature like making a player still be able to sprint when not full shield and full health if he grabbed a speed boost power-up or the Prophet’s bane.
    The sprint has a glitch where you cannot sprint at your maximum speed for unknown reasons. At one point, I was actually sprinting slower than I was walking. I happens very rarely but it still needs a fix.

  • Thruster packFine as it is. Maybe people should be able to shoot while thrusting to add an offensive option.
    Hitboxes while thrusting seems weird. It might be because of online experience but I got killed too often while thrusting behind a wall.

  • ClamberRemove the ability to hold to clamber. Player should achieve jumps by pressing the clamber button at the right time, not by holding it. This will slightly increase skill gap in jumps.

  • StabilizersThe Spartan ability I enjoy the least. It allows the player to get a better angle that he should not get and in a safe way as he can drop or thrust whenever he wants. This is game breaking and it should be removed.

  • SlideFine as it is.

  • Ground poundI love it. This ability is perfectly balanced and skillful. Sometimes people will survive a ground pound if you land on them and you will end up on their head:
    The fact that ground pound is on the same button as crouching is sometimes annoying.

  • Spartan chargeThis ability needs a few fixes. I don’t know if it is already the case or if it is due to inconsistency but a player should die from a Spartan charge in the back like a classic beat down, and from a Spartan charge by someone holding a sword.


  • AR & SMGDamage should be reduced. Spread/precision should also be increased/decreased slightly when scoped. Headshot damage should be removed because of randomness.
    Automatic weapons are really easy to aim with and it’s hard to not miss shots. Aiming with a precision weapon is harder, and missing shots is a lot more punishing. This is why an automatic weapon should not kill as fast as a precision weapon.

  • MagnumBloom should be reduced and its precision should be increased when scoped.

  • BR & DMRThese weapons kill times are too fast.

  • Light rifleThe new light rifle feels great. It’s more powerful but still very well integrated with the gameplay and does not have too much ammo.

  • Sniper rifleI like how slow the sniper shoots. It punishes players for not hitting the headshot with the first shot.

  • HydraPrefect as it is.

  • Rocket launcherPowerful but not overpowered.

  • SwordPlayers should not be able to get hit by melees when using a sword. Sword should win every time in close quarters. You should not be able to trade kills against a sword with a simple melee. Sword blocking melees is a must.

  • Prophet’s baneSame as the sword. I like the idea of a more powerful sword.

  • Human grenadeI found that the damages are rather inconsistent. Sometimes they will annihilate you, sometime they will just do little damage. I think that the curve damage of the blast radius needs a rework.
    The explosion blast is too powerful (or the Spartans are too light) and makes people fly too high in the air. I remember being launch away in Eden and hitting that return to the battlefield countdown at the top of the map.

  • Plasma grenadeThe plasma grenades have less magnetism than in Halo Reach or Halo 4. It is harder to stick people and this is a good thing. The weapon launching is also a good addition and very useful to get weapons at the begging of a game.

Grenades in general also have a huge hitbox: people accidentally shot them in the air way too often and they bounce against some surfaces when they should have go through.


  • TruthI like this map a lot. I can’t find anything wrong on it.

  • EmpireGood Slayer map, but poor Strongholds map. The map is too small for this gametype and players keep spawning on enemy objectives.

  • RegretThe starting spawns in the bottom of the bases are a good thing to prevent people from converging too fast in the middle of the map in the beginning.
    The spawns on ramparts are overpowered. This is a power position. No one should ever be able to spawn here. Theses spawns should be put on bottom arc instead.
    The hydra seems to be the perfect power weapon for this map.

  • EdenStarting spawns are fine.
    I really don’t like flow of the map. Red building and security tower are too easy to lock down. I feel that there is not enough action going on in blue building and outside. Maybe power weapons placement should be switched.
    The map is too dark at some places.
    Some walls should be more soft and clean. I got stuck too often against pipes and other decorative elements when I was walking or sprinting along the walls.
    The crates inside the bases are too heavy. I’m supposed to be a Spartan who flips Scorpion tanks and I get stuck by some crates on the floor.
    It should have been tried in Strongholds.

  • PegasusGood map, but starting spawns are unbalanced considering where the rocket-launcher is spawning.


  • SlayerNothing wrong.

  • BreakoutA lot more enjoyable than Swat, but still not my cup of tea. Halo is Halo and I want my normal shield and slow kill times. My only complaint would be that the BR is too powerful to be put at the start.
    Sometimes people might fail the jump at the beginning due to some lag issues:

  • StrongholdsNothing wrong except the huge frame drop when watching the objective.


  • AnimationsScoping animations and pick up animations should be faster for the majority of the weapons.
    I don’t like how the weapons move while sprinting. It doesn’t feel natural. Halo Reach and Halo 4 made a better job on this point.

  • Armor customizationMore armor pieces should be customizable. Halo Reach and Halo 4 were a good example. The customization menu is also too dark and glitchy sometimes. Bring back unlockable weapon skins.

  • DeathsThe music that plays on your death combined with the weird killcams are too distracting.
    It’s easy to see that killcams doesn’t feat in Halo. First, medals are unable to appear after death. Therefore I can’t see if I got a multikill, a simple kill, an assist or nothing. Secondly, killcams show nothing. All I see is a grenade on my feet blowing up and it doesn’t help me at all. Finally, I want to be able to see around me on my deathcam to make callouts for my team. I want to know if they grabbed the rocker-launcher, where the enemy team is pushing or how many dead people there are in both teams with the scoreboard.

  • Descope People aiming with the left trigger have a big advantage: if they hold their aiming trigger and get descoped, they will automatically scope again. This must fixed. These players must release and press again the left trigger to scope a second time.

  • Friendly fireI know friendly fire is a great debate in the Halo community because of people betraying each other for power weapons/vehicles but it allows people to spam grenades without the fear of betraying teammates. If you don’t want to put friendly fire back, what about bringing back some friendly fire customization from Halo CE like “Shield damages only” or “Explosives only”?

  • Kill feedThere is not enough room for everything. When too many things are going on like mass killing or saving teammates, the kill feed continues to print text and it continues under the screen.

  • MedalsSome medals don’t have the good image or the good name when showed up at the bottom of the screen.
    I would like to see some medals you brought back in Halo 2 Anniversary like power weapons sprees and legendary medals such as Steaktacular and Perfection.
    Some existing medals are questionable. Armageddon for getting a 4 kills spree with the rocket-launcher and Rocket Mary for getting a long range rocket kill are fun but Target Practice for killing an enemy player capturing a base with a rocket-launcher seems useless. I still don’t know the difference between the Brawler medal and the Melee kill medal: they are too similar. There is also a Gun Punch medal for getting a 2-shot beat down kill with the BR. Some medals are too redundant.

  • MatchmakingI am matching people with lower rank than me. If there are 200 pro ranked, I should only be matching pro ranked people or semi-pro ranked people at worst.

  • Post-game statsI can’t see my medals. I can’t watch my stats a second time if closed them.

  • Power weapons announcerI think announcing power weapons in 30 seconds is too much. Maybe it should only announce them in 10 seconds or just when they spawn.

  • Ranks designRanks design should be more advanced and more beautiful to watch.

  • ScoreboardPlayers should be able to move while watching the scoreboard.

  • SmartscopeSome scopes need a design rework. This is ok: ; this isn’t ok: . My suggestion is to put the weapon closer to the camera like this: . It will feel better for players used to Halo and will offer a better view.
    Reflects and glares should be removed from the screen when scoped.

  • Weapon designBring back the classic rocket-launcher, as another rocket-launcher at least, like the sword and the prophet’s bane.

  • Weapon pickupsThere should be an icon of the weapon I can pick up instead of its name in full text to make it easier for the players.

  • Weapon varietyI hope Covenant and Promethean weapons are all still here with some new additions. A third grenade type is always nice.

Everything is right. I totally agree with you.

343, listen to him please.

Bumping this thread. OP makes some pretty solid remarks here; although they are subjective, I say they’re good points. The only thing I would add is I think the DMR/BR debate from the first Halo 4 build is evident. While there may be less aim assist with the DMR than the BR in this build, I feel like the kill time allows for it to outclass the BR at this point.

The game can be fun at times and also very frustrating. As a traditional halo player I have been having trouble trying to get used to all these new abilities and gameplay. What bothers me the most is the increase of camping. I’ve noticed that pretty much every weapon is over powered and a lot more people are hiding behind corners and it is taking away fun from the game. Sometimes I also feel that there is so much going in small maps it is just one big cluster of chaos, with one guy boosting around, another pounding people and so forth that there isn’t enough time to get a kill because you’re already dead with all the chaos. That’s pretty much my concerns with the gameplay.

Server connection
I think I speak for almost everyone when I say that connections times are a huge improvement from tMCC. Players pop in the list as they are found instead of waiting for a full game and wondering if it’s even working or not. From my time playing, I’ve found the amount of lag varies a lot between servers but is almost always consistent if I stay in a game for another round. Personally, I would prefer to wait a little longer in matchmaking to find a low latency game than to be thrown in a lagfest struggle to even walk without being jumped back.

Medal flashes should show up when you’re dead for kills beyond the grave or assists you you know that you managed to kill that guy as the killcam takes away that action. Maybe add a little more time after your death to it.
I’m just going to assume that a more detailed post game carnage where you can see medals, tools of destruction and nemesis just didn’t make it in the beta but will make the full release.

Most of the time it’s pretty useless. It either just shows you falling down or some complete BS excuse for how you died. Maybe increase the duration before and after death.

I just don’t get it. a BR is meant to take 4 shots for a perfect kill but sometimes I die from 2 from full shield and on the flip side I can empty a whole clip (no I’m not missing) and it doesn’t even take down their shield.

Rocket Launcher
Blast radius is far too big. Going up against one even with well executed thruster pack is near impossible to survive.

Spartan voice callouts
Love it! It adds a lot more character hearing your teammates acknowledge assists and notify of weapon pick ups. Voice chat just doesn’t happen that much in matchmaking.

I would like to see more posts like these, instead of everyone raging. keep them up

Bring back the old rocket launcher design.

Spartans die too quickly.

Grenades are op with an explosive radios that is too big and the damage is COD level (I once got killed by 1 grenade that was thrown right under me even tho i had full shields

bring back and implement friendly fire so people will stop spamming grenades into a fight without a care in the world.

Make Elites playable again. Just Spartans is boring and is a huge step back in the game evolving. I want some diversity.

get rid of the kill cams. they didn’t work properly in in halo 4 and they still don’t work in 5, stop trying to implement something that doesn’t work or belong in halo. i have to spam X so that i can bypass it and it gets really annoying.

Reduce the snipers damage towards vehicles.

give all the vehicles armors a buff. (They seriously need it).

change the sound for the pistol.