Persistent match ruining error/crash

Video of problem

So I am getting extremely frustrated with Halo 5 because every time I play, this happens. Not only do I randomly get kicked to some sort of unfunctional lobby where I can’t back out or select anything, I lose all progress of my match, all potential req points earned and the boosts that I’ve used for that match. I’m willing to say in total I’ve lost out on 100k+ req points including boosts wasted, and I’m sure people understand why I’m frustrated. My internet connection is stable and fast, it has never been a problem while I’ve been playing.

Could somebody give me some sort of explanation for this? Is there any way to avoid this extreme annoyance? I’d like my progress to the H2BR to not be halted any further because of huge flaws in the game’s code at this stage of the game’s life.
Video is linked at the top.

Thanks for any help!

Bump because all I’m asking for is an explanation.