Persistent Halo

I went digging a few pages back but couldn’t find anything similar to this idea, sorry if it’s already been put out there.

One of the big selling points for Next Gen seems to be these always connected, persistent worlds. Microsoft has made a big push in trying to sell us the “cloud”, so my theory is that Halo 5 (that’s what I’ll call it) may very well be part of that trend.

My reasoning behind this comes from the fact that Halo is not only Microsoft’s cash cow, but it’s also a way of showing off new hardware. Halo 1 demonstrated the capabilities of the Xbox OG and Halo 2 was all about Xbox Live. Sure they could stick to a regular FPS, but with Destiny going for some MMOFPS-type and Titanfall blending multiplayer and singleplayer, I don’t think an open world Halo is that far fetched.

Let me know what you guys think, and if it could even be pulled off for an established game like Halo.

Probably require way more time than 2 years. Elder Scrolls games tend to take like 4, and Bethesda is a company with experience in this field.

There’s really no point of this feature in Halo. Despite it’s open feel and sandbox-style gameplay, it’s still a linear game.

Whether or not Halo’s evolution eventually leads it to becoming and open world or sandbox game is up for debate.

An open, persistent world could totally work with Halo. Just not the main series.
There are some features that would work just fine in spin-offs. This is one of them.

I doubt we’ll see this. 343 has their hands full trying to successfully deliver what Halo already does before trying to expand upon that.