permission to repost screenshots

note: i hope i have the terminology correct

i have a sweet screenshot of a griffball game i was in. i had this cool idea to have it printed by my bank onto my debit card. but it was rejected for unspecified reasons, but if i have “permission to the rights” or the correct term here to use it in such a way, i’d, again, have a sweet debit card. how can i get this permission, or where would it be noted that i can?

> Here are the magic words from our lawyers: on the condition that you follow the rules below (“Rules”), Microsoft grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use and display Game Content and to create derivative works based upon Game Content, strictly for your noncommercial and personal use. This license is limited by the conditions and restrictions below, so please read them. We can revoke this limited-use license at any time and for any reason without liability to you.

Read this page for rules.

thanks man, i think that applies, i’m coping and sending. hopefully they overturn the ruling.

You aren’t doing it for profit, so I don’t see the problem with having a pic as a DC picture. But then again some companies don’t want to take any chances even though it wouldn’t hurt them.

you should show us the pic >_<