Permanently Banned :'( why?

Permanently Banned on Halo Reach due to people quitting early before the game starts and making the system think I’m a cheat.

Hey, I have been permanently banned from Halo Reach Matchmaking because people always dashboard/quit against me before games start so the score ends 0-0. This makes the system think that me and my friend are cheating in the Double Team playlist. I don’t think it is fair that I have been banned and it has really upset me as I spent a lot of my life playing Halo Reach :frowning:

Does anyone know how I can contact 343i or what I should do to discuss this? Please help me :frowning:

I have never cheated or manipulated the connection/network since I have been playing Halo. In the past me and my friend have been banned from matchmaking for 2 weeks due to people quitting against us when the score is 0-0. I was told I may get perm banned if it keeps happening but I really wasn’t expecting it to actually happen as I wouldn’t consider people quitting against me a fair reason for me to get prevented from playing Halo Reach online.

Due to this happening it has really put me off buying an xbox one and getting Master Chief Collection as I am an xbox live consumer and also have purchased halo games numerous times, and for me to get banned because the system has so many flaws is unfair. I know a new Halo game is coming out now but I feel that this ban should be lifted as it’s incorrect and unfair, all I did was play the game and because people didn’t think they could beat me they would quit before the game had even started and it happened multiple times and now I’m permanently banned.
I would make a new account but I am an Inheritor on Halo Reach (The highest rank) and it took me 2 years to reach this ranked so to start completely from the beginning wouldn’t be worthwhile to me.

I hope someone can help me out here and discuss this further. =[

  • Hidden Exploit.

1058 playtime hours down the drain too…