Permanent: Doubles and Snipers!

The whole rotational playlist thing doesn’t really make sense. Snipers and doubles have been some of the main game types for years and they need to be a part of the permanent rotation! Some of my friends stopped playing for this particular reason.

I completely agree. I have no idea why 343 is making playlists that have been staples of the franchise since Halo 2 rotational. I have been a huge Team Snipers fan since Halo 2, and play Doubles with my roommate constantly. I would rather have snipers, doubles, swat, etc become permanent playlists instead of having king, flag, and oddball as separate playlists opposed to bundled into objective. I am still going to play Halo 4 even if those playlists aren’t permanent, but the game will lose a lot of points in my book. I know the game has only been out a week, but 343 better turn playlists permanent or they are going to lose a lot of players.