Permanent "Classic Throwback" playlist?

Hello all :slight_smile:

This is a topic very dear to me, so I’ll say what I think and give some ideas about how it could be improved.

First off I’ll say that I have spent more time in the Halo 3 Classic Throwback playlist in the last few weeks than I did in Halo 5 in general, over the last few months.
Not to say that I dislike the game, but it just kind of “floated away” for me, with other games releasing last Fall.
However, the prospect of playing some “classic style Halo movement” with Halo 5 visuals brought me back in full force.

I don’t have many friends eager to play Halo 5 ever again (topic for another time, I’m sure you can guess), so I mostly solo queued. And it wasn’t bad at all. Just the opposite. I can’t remember the last time I almost ran home from work hyped to play some Halo (5). I also met some dank peeps while playing that I shall partner up with again very soon.

I did run into some hard core coordinated teams from Sweden or whatever, but getting stomped on classic maps felt somehow easier to handle than getting stomped by a Diamond 4-man-squad in Ranked. But that’s personal preference, I guess. It felt like positioning, power spots and making good engagement decisions helped me not goose or breadstick completely haha

One thing I must emphasize is that it was super awesome to not wait for initial matches longer than 10 seconds. As soon as I queued in there was a group of 7 other Spartans eager to duke it out old school style. I consider this a big win for the playlist and everyone who’d like to see a more traditional addition to the current Halo games.
It really felt like everyone and their grandmother was playing it and I rarely saw the same people more than a few times over the last few weeks.
Keep in mind, I’m from Europe so I probably get matched against other European people and we historically always had a smaller Halo population than the US of A.
But even then it was smooth sailing all the way. Even the connection quality was spot on, with only 2-3 people skipping around the maps from what I can remember, out of all the games I played.

The only thing that did baffle me is how little exposure the playlist got both on YouTube and Twitch. I saw only a few videos about it from established Halo content creators and not one Twitch stream dedicated to it. Sure, HCS is currently in full swing so that might be why. Still it’s surprising.

Now on to ideas:

  1. I feel like there should always be a Classic Throwback playlist in Halo 5 and ESPECIALLY Halo 6, moving forward.

The only thing that needs to rotate is the Halo version and it’s corresponding map selection.
So as an example, how we had “Halo 3 Classic Throwback”. Next month we can have “Halo 2 Classic Throwback”, with the Halo 2 BR included. After that it’s “Halo CE Classic Throwback”, and so on. You get what I’m saying.

I’m sure the Forge community will be more than happy to oblige us with a growing number of popular remakes.
You could even give them a crack at current Halo 5 maps and let them try and create “Classic” versions, build for a lack of Sprint and Clamber.
It’s a long shot for Halo 5 and maybe even the future of the Halo franchise, because as far as I can see the direction that 343i might take it is keep the classic Halo in MCC and introduce new systems in Halo 6 and moving forward. That’s what it looks like to me.
However, the problem I see with that is the population of the MCC. Even once it gets fixed I’m sure there will be more people playing Halo 5. But we’re diving too deep into another sub part of the whole topic and I don’t have time for that right now.

  1. A slight rework to weapons and game mode / maps

It’s been said time and time again that nades feel too powerful, while the BR is a shadow of its former self. Maybe work on that? :wink:
Also, High Ground Oddball? If you’ve played it you know how lopsided it gets if at least one person on each team knows about the Rocks camp spot and soon you’re looking at a 150-0 score in 3 minutes, no matter what team you’re on.

I know people keep saying “Oh the sniper in the H3 playlist is not the same as the sniper form the original H3” and I agree. But so what? This is Halo 5 with some classic settings and I think that’s fine.


I’ve seen and heard many people say “Well this is what Halo 5 should have been like” and I only 50% agree.
Yes, this is what half of the Halo 5 multiplayer should have been. Here me out here.
I believe there should be a separate playlist for both classic and advanced movement.
Classic Ranked and Advanced Ranked. And for social give Advanced movement the bulk of game modes. Same goes for Warzone.

Most peeps who want the classic movement back in Halo are looking at it from the position of competitive multiplayer. I’m sure not many (reasonable) people want sprint removed from Warzone Firefight or Super Fiesta.

“But that’ll dilute the playlists, with potentially only 50% of people playing one or the other and then the connection will suffer”, you might say.
And you might be right. But you also might not be. It all depends on the people playing the game in the first place.
The more people play the less chance of playing the same guys from Finland over and over again :slight_smile:

So all we need is the next Halo to be so damn awesome that everyone wants to play it non-stop. I think that’s not that hard, right?

Anyway, I loved the Classic Playlist and I wish it was permanent, both in Halo 5 and in every Halo moving forward.
But that’s just my thoughts. I’d love to hear yours.

The best “classic throwback” will be the older halo games it shouldn’t matter about you grinding a different game.

This playlist should be permanent and stay as a double XP playlist!

I like the classic playlist. It may be the best classic playlist I’ve played.
I would like to see 343 expand on the playlist though. 343 could put DMRs on the maps or forge new maps keeping the classic playstyle in mind.

I like the idea of a permanent “classic” playlist, assuming Halo 6 is not classic style (wouldn’t mind classic Halo 6). I played some H2A matchmaking and campaign the other day and it felt good to totally focus on positioning and gunfighting without sprint, clamber, slide, etc. Don’t get me wrong, Halo 5 is a lot of fun and I don’t hate advanced movement (I could live without sprint, though). If the MCC update is successful, we may be able to play true classic Halo. That being said, if Halo 6 does have advanced movement, I don’t think any classic playlists should be ranked.

its not bad

Classic movement feels sooo good! It feels perfect!

I prefer playing the actual classic Halo’s instead of an imitation in Halo 5. That’s just me

I like both, but Halo 5 has a significantly bigger playerbase at the moment, so I prefer playing it there as well.