Perma Ban kids who go 2-22 every game please

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I’m sick of getting parties with randoms who go sooooooo retardedly negative every game. It disgusts me.

Why punish the players when 343industries just needs to make a competent matchmaking system? You should be getting angry at the developers for the incompetent multiplayer system - not at the players that play it.

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your arrogance disgusts me

Cause everyone in the beta is Halo/FPS pro? Pfffft… Nice attitude brah

I had a guy on my team go 0-17 just a second ago on Eden lol.

And I thought this game was to easy according to the community

Naw…ppl need to be patient…this is a beta…hopefully there will be a lot more ppl in the final version of the game…so that ppl who are iron only play with ppl from iron…right now in order to have matches u have to paired with the elite…imo