Perks and Loadouts: why are we getting our panties in a bunch?

Hear me out. I love Halo. But why are we complaining about these things that haven’t even been detailed yet?

I know when people hear perk they think of Call of duty, but CoD does a horrible job with them. In cod they have an overbearing affect on gameplay.

I think 343 know we don’t want another COD, and I truly believe that the “Perks” Will be something small like Carry an extra grenade or hold an extra clip.

Who knows, I’m completely confident that 343 knows what they’re doing. Would I have preferred Halo remain true to the old formula? Yes. Am I willing to try something different and new? Yes, I am, as long as it isn’t as bad/extreme as Armor Abilities.

And on that topic, I believe that these perks will replace Armor abilities and probably only affect a minor aspect of gameplay for a given person.

BE WARNED THOUGH 343!!! Avoid “Perks” That give bonus health/shield and damage.

I believe they are aware of it:
Halo 4 Perks: “We’re Not Copying Call OF Duty”
Though I mostly like AA’s on Reach (NOTE: PLEASE DON’T FLAME FOR MY PREFERENCE), I’m not so sure when it comes to the Perk and Progression System. Hopefully we can get more details about this.