Perhaps it is time to pump the brakes on infinite talk

EVERYONE with a mic and a YouTube channel is posting videos about “343 has new management listen to what MY followers of 5k, the fans of halo, actually want.” (Exclude ascend Hyperion. Dude really went around to every format and had a DETAILED questionnaire.)

I think it’s great we’ve been so vocal and… Somewhat on the same page as a fandom in regards to technical issues and the shops, but I think after almost a full year and now a full management change up; Perhaps it’s time to let them listen rather then talking over each other further?

Feel how you will about the former leader of 343 but looking at what her jobs split up into was in full; you have to realize the mountain of responsibility that entails.

With that also comes a LOT of different colored tape. These new heads have new tape to cut and old tape to clean up. I really think Halo as a while would probably benefit from a little less screaming.

I’m not saying stop talking about it; I’m saying we should stop adding fuel to a raging We demand this fire.


This sounds like a rant, and probably not the place to raise the issue. We have reddit for this kinda thing but I do feel you.

However the reason why it’s talked about so much is because this is something that people have been expecting for a decade now. There’s just no way 343 could sustain its track record and get off scott free. Everyone has their own opinion, everyone wants to voice out, everyone wants to look forward to seeing what a new management can do for Halo where the old one just repeatedly pummeled the franchise into the dirt.

I’d even say that the fact the old lead’s responsibilities was so humongous and impactful that 3 roles can be split from it shows how much mismanagement was at hand, because it’s just unthinkable to have one person shoulder so much responsibility and more importantly shot calling power regarding the franchise’s direction.

That’s all I have to say regarding this, I really look forward to the future of Halo, and if the new management can pull an MCC within record time to save this franchise from failing. But my biggest worry right now is actually if MS has given up on Halo. With MS set to acquire ActiBlizz and CoD franchise, and how MW2 is showing really good support and content, Halo could just be smothered in its sleep.

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You have a very good point, and a solid one at that, but I think that’s just it. They saved MCC with it’s content, cosmetics, and interactions.

They know what halo likes because they managed to pull it off with the lot of the games most special to us. Provided they have the time to move in a way that could benefit us; If we could not divulge in Hopeium for a moment, it may be what we’re looking for.

All im saying is they haven’t even made a move yet. We should see the first move before tackling again. Do we not owe them that much for the work they did in MCC?
Still waiting on word for Sept. drop pod if it’s even coming. Right now it’s radio silence. Especially with the crazy bans on Twitter.

All that being said, you didn’t rant, and again good points.