Performance should affect battle pass progression

I sure hope they do something soon. I don’t even want to bother with BTB right now. Almost impossible to find a game where anyone wants to win. Just folks goofing around trying to complete those f**king challenges to level up. It’s kind of amazing that anyone thought this was good idea. I knew this was going to be trouble after about 2 or 3 matches. I’ll give a week or 2. They’re sitting on a gold mine here if they don’t mess it up. Lol

It’s called being money hungry. The entire purpose of challenge based progression, low xp rewards, and out of game timers is to frustrate us to the point we poor money into levels and boosts. They don’t care if we finish the pass. They care how much money we spent on it.

It was bad intentions. It was them saying “if you don’t like what we made for you, you can go eat dirt.” Why else would they intentionally make progression worse than the system we were complaining about?

So in this game they reward a score for kills and objective play. Usually people get around 3000 score a game. If they would reward 1/10th of that score in xp on top of the 50 xp every match, that would make the system even less screwy and would make so that people will play the objective.

Yeah it was pretty upsetting that they would insult our intelligence like that. I believe they simply want to hang on to this system as much as possible and we just need to keep voicing that we want skill based progression. The challenges can stay as something fun to pursue on the side for extra XP but playing the game well and helping you team to complete objectives should be paramount.

On a positive note I read an article from eurogamer yesterday where Joe Staten was interviewed and he directly said that they are looking at skill based progression. He said in the interview that making that system will take a little time but it’s nice to here someone from 343 acknowledge it.

A BETTER quick fix they could have implemented would have been the 50 XP per game plus 50 XP for a win as two challenges that are always available. That would satisfy me personally as long as a better more in-depth system is directly confirmed to be coming soon.

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It wouldn’t be a lot but it’s something. I’ve ran into far too many players who don’t care about winning or objectives because there isn’t an ounce of incentive to. That is unless it’s a challenge to win a certain game type which only encourages them to quit if they get anything else.

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It’s frustrating but I cant honestly say I blame them. Why expect people to play the game correctly when you give them every reason not to.

The battle pass being such a frustrating shambles has actually dissuaded me from buying the premium pass, ironically. If they think I’m going to give someone some of my hard-earned money for the privilege of being able to grind through extremely frustrating challenges then they’ve got another thing coming.

At least you had the foresight…

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Exactly. It feels like you’re wasting your time. You know that nobody is invested in winning because there’s literally no reason to. It’s absurd. I’m still trying to comprehend how ANYONE could think this is a good idea . Not to mention the truly pathetic collection of “rewards” to look forward to after dozens of hours. Challenge skip tokens. bAsiC color schemes. Indefinable armor chunks. Various Poses.

Sorry but I’d trade this for something more like CoD is doing is doing in a heartbeat.

This is a slap in the face to fans of the series. Plain and simple.

They’ve artificially kept it the way it is so people buy levels. I’ve already seen some people with max battle pass so either they’ve played 2,000 matches or payed $200.

There’s no reason other than money that a 3 minute game and a 3 hour game should be worth the same 50xp.

Not to mention if you’re dominating and getting a lot of kills.

Dude even in ranked. I gave up last night because of dudes just trying to get that stupid play 3 ranked matches challenge. I mean how tf was that ever gonna be a good idea.