Performance mode controls on Xbox

I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…I know it would annoy me if I was unable to disable the FPS counter! I’ve never heard of this bug before tbh.


Sounds like it’s working right then, IMO anyway, and it sounds like either it’s performing better than it did at launch, or you’re getting a lot of benefit out of the lower res without having to do as much upscaling. Enjoy!

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Could you say more about console architecture vs PC? I’ve never heard of APU and so don’t understand why that prohibits rendering options.

Well PC varies, and you can build a PC with an APU also. Or even buy one for that matter. An APU (accelerated processing unit) houses both the CPU and GPU in the same die. This means they share the same lanes and share the same memory. Both Xbox and Sony will have their own custom architecture, meaning X amount of memory is dedicated to the GPU/CPU and so on. Not that this prohibits rendering options, it’s just not the end goal of a console. A console is meant to be plug and play, with very little end user set up. let’s take Halo for an example. Have you seen all the settings available on PC? They’re also available (most if not all) on the console side, just behind closed doors. The devs are the ones who are picking the settings for the console version. Once they’re happy with the results/performance they pretty much just hit apply and save. Most of the time when a game needs optimizing on a console, they just adjust some settings. If there is setting that’s not working right, then that needs to be addressed in the engine itself.

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Yeah, I figured that developers don’t give console players many options mostly for user experience reasons; Keeping it clean and simple. It would be nice if those settings were available in an advanced sub menu, though.

There is only one game that I know of that allows you to pick some options on console, Maid of Sker. Actually a pretty good game but if I remember right, it gives you options of different types of anti aliasing.