Performance + graphics issues

Anyone else finding that after the season 3 update their game looks terrible (jagged edges and sometimes fuzzy textures) and performs even worse (frame rate issues in games, lag in the customisation screens)?

I’ve been getting back into Halo recently but overnight they’ve made it unplayable. Just hoping to get some eyes on the problem so it can be fixed ASAP.

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Check your frame rate setting and sharpness setting both could have gone back to default.

I’m on 60fps min/max and don’t think my sharpness value changed but I’ll double check later.

If you have your min/max set then the game is going to use DRS to maintain 60fps. So you could be seeing the resolution changing to maintain 60fps. Unlock your framerate and see what you’re getting with your current graphic settings. If you’re getting under 60fps with it unlocked, then that’s what’s happening.

Season 3 did tank performance.

What hardware are you on?

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