Performance for Series S?

Hey fellow Spartans.
I recently got a series s as it was advertised towards doing 1440p 120fps or 1080p 120fps depending on the game . I love performance over visuals that’s just my preference. I found out that halo infinite will do 120fps on series x but the series s wasn’t mentioned. So I’m just curious if anyone knows if the series s will do 120fps for the multiplayer. Or will it be like forza with a performance and visual mode thing because i would personally like to see 1440p 60 for campaign and 1080p 120 atleast for the multiplayer. But I’m not sure if they’ve already announced the series s performance specs as i couldn’t find anythingm
Thank you

Right now we don’t know.

It’s a safe guess that we will have at least 60fps throughout most gamemodes, but the Series S is a budget next gen console. I love it for what it is (I own one) but it’s not a graphics powerhouse. We’ll know by flighting which is set to happen in the next couple months.