Perfection? TEAM SLAYER CLASSIC, Concerns..

This is DELSIGY here, a halo fan since day 1 of halo of course. I have some concerns and suggestions and would like to see if anyone else agrees. Maybe, just maybe, 343 will see this and help us out!

We all know about the server, kill cam, and other casual problems that WILL obviously be corrected. My comment is about more “permanent” game concerns.

  1. This being close to my second top concern… SKILL RANK IN GAME VISIBILITY… I love waypoint, but the 1-50 true skill system or whatever they call it is worthless if you cant show it off in game. THATS THE WHOLE POINT LOL. (and being good and such). Im not sure by 343s post, but it really sounded like its a “WAYPOINT UPDATE”.

  2. BRING BACK TEAM SLAYER (CLASSIC) D: I feel like this would be a top playlist. I LOVE the new ideas with infinity… but please bring back a playlist for us hardcore halo fans. This would bring ALOT of halo 3 “hardcores” back.

  3. WHERE IS PERFECTION MEDAL??? This is a huge deal. i have currently seen a 25±0… a 20-0, and personally i have had a 19-0… NO PERFECTION MEDAL??? :((( Let me tell you why this was so important to me. (sorry for the COD comparison but i played MW2 which, started this bull -Yoink- in video games like kill streaks nukes, alot back in the day) I use to LOVE the whole NUKE thing… It was just that symbol of being a GOD at the game. PERFECTIONS is our halo NUKES. (SOOO EMBARRASSED for that comparison) but for real… we need medals dude… That why we play, to here that… PEEEERRRFECTIONNNNN at the end of the game and to let everyone know how bad -Yoink- we are…

OKAY, that is all for now. I’ll be back to rant some more later.

Please post your thoughts on these topics,


I want to agree with your points but did you have to type this like a Tumblr girl?

hey man, give ma a break! lol. Is there seriously no perfection or am i just blind?

Perfection is now a commendation track. So technically you’ll need several perfections to get 100% game completion.

Perfection may no longer be a medal (haven’t been paying attention), but there is a commendation for it, so it’s not completely gone.

what about the team slayer idea? anyone feel this will be good for H4LO or no?

> I want to agree with your points but did you have to type this like a Tumblr girl?

Ha i have to agree…However i absolutely have to agree on the 1-50. If its not In-game then it kind of defeats the purpose. They still have time before the release so hopefully they decide to make it visible while playing. Believe it or not that little thing would keep thousands upon thousands of players playing.