Perfect Fix for Map Rotation/Voting/Quitting/JIP

I believe I’ve got an innovative solution for pre game lobbies and map selection that will really revolutionize social multiplayer, here is is and below I’ll explain WHY it works so well:

Note: This is for social gametypes only

JIP will be turned on for all social games

We will use BTB as an example

When you queue for matchmaking there will be three small thumbnails with question marks on them, each box will say “Slayer on…” then the lobby prompts you to vote for 2 maps (gametypes are already pre-selected ie. slayer/ctf in each thumbnail) from a selection of all BTB maps (showing small thumbnails of the maps). once all players have voted for 2 maps each, the results are displayed in the three small thumbnails which previously had only question marks on them.

These 3 question marks are the 3 matches you will be playing with this lobby of players, yes 3 matches instead of one. The thing is, you can leave after the first game if you wanted, no penalty, and JIP will fill your place. Each match is essentially an independent match with the same group of people.

Once the voting for maps is done, here is what happens:

-Most popular vote is filled in for Match 3
-Second most popular vote is filled in for Match 1
-Match 2 is a random map with no option to veto

Final Note: You can’t change teams after a match and if your team loses the first 2 matches then the 3rd match does not happen.

Why is this amazing, you ask?

  1. People get to CHOOSE their maps they play, the most popular map is played last which gives incentive to continue for all 3 round and ensure people aren’t quitting out just to hopefully get the map their next try, because if that map is the most popular it will most certainly get played every round of 3 matches, and you have to play until the last match to get it.
  2. Enhances social gameplay as we now get to play with the same party a few times in a row and make friends/enemies.
  3. Since the 3rd match (and likely favorite map of all players) is dependent on a 3rd match occurring, players won’t abuse this system by entering lobbies and then going AFK or not playing the objective because if they want to guarantee they play on the map, they can’t get stomped by the other team!
  4. All maps will get rotated and all players will play eventually on a variety of maps as the 2nd match in each game is a random map (same as it is now)

What do you guys think? This may not be 100% viable for Warzone due to the length of each match, which is the only flaw i can think of…

Interesting idea. Elements of it should certainly be implemented.

I wouldn’t mind something like this at all. It would allow me to make new friend connections, and play several games in a row with a guaranteed variety.

Exactly! It will give guaranteed variety.

to expand on my original post, I would also add that it would be cool if the second match in each series didn’t reveal the map until basically during the countdown of the lobby when it’s about to be played. It should have a short 30 second intermission between matches to ensure it’s indeed faster to continue in the current lobby then to quit out and re-join. There could also be a small XP boost given to players that play all 3 matches in a series.

There is not voting in Halo 5 >:v

Not the best execution of your ideas, but it’s interesting concept. You don’t really want to complicate the matchmaking process so everyone understands it easier. But the idea of setting up 3 games or so per matchup would speed up how fast you get in games. I would possibly change the incentive from using a voting system and putting favorite as game 3 to maybe using ingame currency (like REQ points) to increase how much you win per game; kind of like the golden ball in a Homerun derby.

I would be happy if they kept the lobby together like in the past, and implemented a veto system again.

I don’t hate any of the maps. I like some more than others, but I hate playing the same ones over and over again.

Hopefully with 3 new Arena maps coming soon it might alleviate the current rotation problem of playing the same thing 2-5 times in a row. I am not counting on it, but hoping none the less.