Perfect Example of the Halo Community

Post Your Hate Below!

Ah, you again. Looks at profile You’re using the SR-130 emblem now? Jesus Christ dude, what didn’t the ‘glitch’ unlock?

Also, quit posting these pointless threads and just PM BS Angel already. If it’s really and truly a glitch like you say go and bring it to her attention, not keep making topics where people get the idea you’re just some -Yoink!- modder.

Do you really want a repeat of that thread from earlier?

Maybe God just likes you.

Maybe God does like me, or hates me.

And the emblem I am using now is for Rogue…

What are you smokin buddie

PS I have seen several Youtube videos showing people getting these glitches wtf?

Just take it and enjoy it. It’s an error on their end, not yours.

Also I already PM’ed BS angel 2 x today.

CHEATER! BURN HIM AT THE STAKE. Or, the steak. Man, I could go for a steak right now. Who wants to go out and get a rib-eye?

Glitch huh?

That’s the story you’re going with?

A random glitch that unlocked all the content on your disc while you and a friend where offline playing campaign, oh… I mean a match, with all skulls?

Wait. What matches are you talking about that lets you set skulls? And what matches are you playing offline?

Your ever changing story doesn’t make any sense.