Per action EXP. Like in COD

Every game has this now, and for good reason. Whether you love COD or hate COD there’s one thing you cannot deny; per action exp is just fun.

Not only is it fun but it also encourages random players to try and win and play the objective.

Something along the lines of

Kill- 100 exp
Double kill- 300 exp
Killing spree- 500 exp
Cap a flag- 750 exp
Win a game- 2000 exp

I think H4 should have this. It doesn’t effect gameplay in a negative way and it adds a lot of incentive to play and addictive qualities to the gameplay.

I would also like to add to this that iam a huge halo purist. I think HCE is the best. I think duel wields, equipment and AAs were horrible additions. This kind of stuff doesn’t effect gameplay though. I just don’t see why anyone would be against it. If Im ok with it, I just don’t get how the masses would find issue with it.

Halo already has this. Commendations.

This is an absoloutly horrid system for shooter’s. rewarding a player for a kill is not incentive, rewarding a player for a two for one sniper head shot’s, or a cone splatter is incentive.

This is Halo, reward us for the epic feat’s only possible in this game.

Reward us for playing Halo

I love when people say Halo is behind the times, and CoD has been the same for basically 5 years…more population does not equal innovation

I would set it up as three types of skill

Highest Skill

Credits are earned from doing anything in the game, you can use them to buy new armor.They carry no weight with rank however.
EXP is earned by winning matches of any type in matchmaking. You need EXP to increase your rank.
Highest Skill is earned by repeatedly winning ranked matches. You need Highest Skill to increase your rank, after a certain rank.

Seriously, what’s the point?. All it does is show how much the player has played or how many people he/she’s killed. Why can’t we just play for the fun of it? Why does everything have to be about being a higher rank than someone else? Even for competitive play, why would a rank matter? Rank just gives more of an excuse for players to bash on others. An excuse to insult other players, who might not even be worse than them.

Doesn’t Halo Reach already have this? I don’t think there us anything wrong for rewarding the player for actually playing the game vs afking.