People with mic's!!

I remember the halo 2/3 days where everyone had a mic and there fun loving trash talk throughout matchmaking. Now a days i cant get 4 guys to put their mic’s in!
Looking to add and play with social people who think they are pretty good at Halo 2/3 and all the campaigns.
Love playing custom games whether its BR/snipes, tower of power, everything. Probably gonna live in custom until i get the years of rust off and they establish a ranking but we can definitely do some matchmaking!

a little about myself;
20 years old, in college, have a job, love football and basketball, you could call me the master cheef if you know what i mean. Pretty laid back but love this game so there will be some emotional/tense moments.

only have 4 real life buddies who have a One so ive gotta expand my network.

If youre interested leave a comment and ill add you or you can add me!

<3 halo

Ill add you im down to play

GT: Zeruca