People That Respect the GA in Ranked

Yep, people who use the sword and the mangler have no concept or respect for GA.

I usually pick it up and just throw it out of the map so that no one can use it.

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Anyone who thinks people are ‘unsporting’ for playing the game normally and using weapons available on the map as bad need to go outside. It’s a game.

This whole ‘GA’ thing and people getting upset about people not adhereing to them is pathetic.


Go play social.

Aye yeah that’s smart.

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Gentleman’s Agreement? - LMFAO!


I don’t get upset, I’m just disappointed when it happens. The game is astronomically more fun for everyone involved.

I haven’t used the sword since I was in mid-Diamond, other than a couple of games where either my teammate dc’d or someone else was using the GA’d tactics first. Pretty much nobody in the last week that I’ve played with or against have even touched the sword or mangler.

My two favorite weapons to pick up instead are the needler and disruptor. In doubles both are insanely powerful.

The GA actually INCREASES variety, you see.

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If someone is top tier competitive and itching to get into a league, then I agree that they should follow the generally accepted rules of play for that community, especially since HCS and 343 are unwilling/unable to create a hardcore/HCS playlist.

As for me and my casual level of play, I’m going to pick up the sword, mangler, and whatever else I like (yes, even in ranked). No amount of shaming is going to make me change that, I don’t care if misty wufa or anyone else loses all respect for me or not. They can enjoy their pursuit to be on Cloud 9s roster while I have to turn mid flag run and tell my kids to go back to bed for the 6th time that night.


This thread is exactly why I hate GA’s. It makes a toxic environment for regular people playing the game! People in here are saying they try and play EXTRA dirty if someone uses a sword or mangler in a game?

What if I have a sword challenge?

What if I’ve never heard that the GA exists?

What if my team mate uses it?

What if your team mate uses it? (From my context with you being the enemy)

There’s just absolutely no way that all 8 players are aware GA’s even exist in most MM games. Actively generating a toxic competitive environment instead of a respectful competitive environment sucks. It’s the only outcome of GA’s, and I wish people would just practice counter strategies like in every other Halo ever


For what it’s worth i’m not gonna’ gripe about someone not respecting it, because ultimately we’re not playing at a competitive pro level. I’ve done that once in my life already, and that was hard. (Headed my own team and everything.)

Play fiesta tbh.

No fault of your own.

No fault of your own.

Sucks, sorry.

That’s… just it. There really aren’t many effective counter strategies.

If we could kill trade - if we could deflect, it’d be SOMETHING. but now, we cannot do that. You’re dead if the sword is in lunging range. Best you can do is hope they’re a one-shot, or throw grenades.

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Fair enough, but what are the counter strategies to the sword, or the mangler drop combo

Edit: wait, there is one reliable counter. Desync. Sometimes the server is so bad the sword just plain doesn’t work half the time. Unfortunately nobody actually has any control over that part


All is fair in love and war. I’ll use whatever is allowed if it means I’m getting my team or I closer to victory.

The only Gentlemen’s Agreement I have is that I do not squat on corpses(tbag) unless someone does it to me first.


Omg how many challenges are we going to make impossible in ranked at this point? It’s totally ridiculous how screwed ranked only players already are in regards to challenges, now we’re taking away multiple weapon challenges too?..

So we agree, that through no fault of their own, players get subject to extra lame behavior by the other team. Sounds like a big f in the chat for it in MM in these regards.

No it doesn’t. It’s a power weapon on the map with audio and visual warning and indicator before spawn. It’s a power weapon. I should contest it or face the punishment of losing it, end of story. That is Halo at it’s core.

Team shot, sticky trade, needler, shotty, Mangler. None of them are a straight on trade, but every one of them is a soft trade. Having those and being much better than the opposing sword will give you a 1-1 chance. Having those and a team mate will usually guarantee the sword dies even if they get both kills.

The sword is a power weapon and you should die a lot to it. How is this even a question on a Halo forum?

Good question - ask all the casuals who hated being pressed to play ranked and begged for ranked challenges to die out.

I mean yeah 343i should be doing something about it. Not sure where the Hel the live team is.

So, do you play ranked? Do you follow the competitive scene? Do you really get why the sword is outright bad?

Not that I disagree entirely, but people trying to go for challenges in ranked is typically problematic anyway, unless maybe its a “Get a perfect with a precision weapon”, or “Get 25 BR kills”.

If its on the map, I’m picking it up. Just have fun.


You should go back to my original post in here about why I think none of us should be worrying about GA’s. Between crappy servers and none of us being pros, the sword isn’t as game changing in MM as in HCS.

The question is if you, a hobby gamer, should be subject to the same standards as pros. Do you have a ref and 11v11 at every pickup basketball game you play at the rec center? No, you play in the context of your level and what’s available around you.

Go play in the HCS play-ins with a squad if you’re going to worry about that crap, otherwise just use the darn guns in MM. That’s my stance


How is the Mangler OP?
It’s already been nerfed for no good reason.

Technically it wasn’t nerfed, all melee damage was. The mangler can’t one shot melee anymore, but it still does the same damage per shot, which is what people were actually concerned about in the first place.

All 343 had to do was treat it like a power or tier 2 weapon or not include it in HCS settings, but for some weird reason nerfing the melee damage of every gun in the game was their solution.

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Bingo. IDK how people don’t know this.

You have your stance, I have mine. As an ex-pro, I am firm in my stance and beliefs. You do not have to share them. But, we were arguing it either way. Why? Dunno’. Pretty clear neither of us was to capitulate.

Also bingo. I don’t need people playing for challenge when I’m playing to win, unless those challenges are playing to win.

And, frankly, since I’m shooting for Onyx… Yeah, I’m playing to win.

That’s right, melee was nerfed. It was done because of the mangler though.

I’m all for balance, but damage per shot is fine. Make it tier 2 if need be.

Sword just needs less lock on/ lunge range.

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