People That Respect the GA in Ranked

Don’t get me wrong, as soon as someone touches the sword, Cowabunga it is.

They’re basically signing their life away because I’m about to be cheap af the rest of the match

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Get in where you fit in spartan

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You admit that there are ways to counter this problem. So what’s the problem?


The counter is to get your own sword and crouch around corners waiting for people to run by, that’s what I’m referring to.

You’re welcome.

It’s a little drier, but it’s wholly necessary.

They do, but it’s up to us for now.

I’ll let them explain.

Yeah pretty much. It isn’t well balanced - and what’s worse, sword duels are unwinnable. Infinite’s sword takes pretty much zero thought to actually use properly and for that reason, it’s bad.

It is the most powerful it has ever been and thus, the worst it has ever been.

Very true.

Prooooblem is, the shotgun - if it can beat the sword, becomes better than the sword… So you don’t fix the sword problem. You introduce a shotgun problem.

Can confirm that sticky grenades are by and large pretty frakking useless. I am SURPRISED if I ever stick anyone - and it’s annoying, because of all the things that are easier in Infinite, for SOME REASON, stickies have gotten harder. Wack.

Like that is the LEAST forgiving hitbox ever in Halo, YIKES.

lol no it’s not, it couldn’t melee trade.

A -Yoink!- good question. 343i needs to pick up the slack on that severely.

A bit of a haughty way to put it, but coming from another professional scene, I WISH we’d done GAs there, Gods… Squadrons REALLY needed GAs.

It’s not going to win a head on 1-1, but if you think it isn’t possible to ambush a sword for a kill with a mangler, then I think you haven’t tried it very much. The melee speed is second only to the sword, so it’s very possible to tap-tap-melee a sword from the side or back before they can get you in their lounge crosshair

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well no generally I just try to 4shot a sword user. It works sometimes but if I were in a higher elo, even what you suggest wouldn’t work.

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Are we talking like 1700+? I’ve never seen GA on swords in diamond/low onyx lobbies.

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Right at the cusp of leveling up to onyx I’m sure people use every advantage possible

Yeah. So maybe there’s GA among the like 25 people still playing the game above 1700 haha.


Certainly saw the evidence when I watched the Orlando highlights and everyone kept walking past the sword.


Facts. Sword in ranked H2 was great.

Sword + grapple in infinite is game breakingly OP. When I do it, it feels like cheating.

Comp players would remove all weapons except for the Battle Rifle if they could.


No we wouldn’t. Most weapons are better than the BR and that’s a good thing.

What’s good about the BR is that it demands you land all of your shots accurately and in the right places, you can’t deviate from your target. What else is good, is that you always spawn able to defend yourself.

But every pickup should be better, or augment that weapon. You know what’s better, strictly, at close range? The Sidekick, AR, Sentinel Beam and Needler… and we’re fine with that. You know what’s strictly better at long range? The Sniper, Shock Rifle and Stalker. Guess what - comp players love the Stalker. You know what else they like a lot? The Bulldog and Heatwave.

But I can tell you what we don’t like.

How busted the sword is.

How useless the plasma pistol is.

How the Disruptor’s DoT kill just doesn’t proc sometimes, for no good reason.

How Desync effects the game.

How utterly busted the sword is.

How the Mangler didn’t get properly adjusted - its strongest part was never changed, so it’s GA’d out.

How The Commando is an utterly garbage weapon.

And, frankly, how The Assault Rifle is busted in social - how we didn’t get a GOOD radar, like in the first flight - how Social players refuse to understand why the AR in its current state is utterly dreadful, how radar negatively impacts the game. We do not want these things removed.

We just want them adjusted. That’s it.

And some weapons just… Have no place competitively.

The Mangler in its current state, the Hydra, the Cindershot (That it makes a gravity well is just not okay), the way the ravager works (it’s a great weapon but it is busted for competitive play and, that just means it doesn’t appear.)

And just because it has no competitive place does not at all mean it has no place in Halo.

It just doesn’t belong in competitive.

But some things need adjustment. The sword is just… Broken. Have you tried sword duels? They’re AWFUL in this game. Worst they’ve ever been.

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I do not think most people play with a gentleman’s agreement. If the sword was not picked up it is likely because they are oblivious to it.

I love power weapons! Go Spartans, GO!


“Gentleman’s agreement”? Such patriarchal nonsense. Pick up that sword and slayyy.


If by ultra competitive you mean pros, they mostly don’t care if you use them, they just dont want them in their actual tourneys or scrims… But there’s still plenty of others who will try to shame you.

You deserve the shame if you use it

Lol, that didn’t take long


I will say I immediately lose all respect for people that do. It’s basically someone admitting they can’t win without a crutch, and aren’t interested in a fair fight.