People that play objective modes

and don’t play the objective.

If you are really that desperate to pad your stats go play Slayer. Seriously. I have lost track of how many Dominion and CTF games I’ve lost because of teammates who camp nowhere near the objective just to rack up kills.

I blame it on loadouts.

I go for the objective. I just prefer doing after the enemies are all dead.

i agree to an extent. in dominion you have to defend or its just a big rotational mess and the winner would be the ones who had more bases in that rotation. CTF on the other hand if full of people who just kill and dont go near the objective ive had teams where their whole team is in the 20s for kills and they even wonder how they lost when our team clearly defended and pushed the flag to win.

I’ll gladly admit that I go for kills, but those kills keep my team mates alive. Running the flag with team mates who can’t kill is pointless in itself. I can’t count how many times my team mates have under 10 kills and just try and push flag. Its about the nice balance


If objective was ranked this wouldnt be a problem. imo, mainly because K/D wouldnt be as cared about and when you get to higher levels people care about objectives as they have a high rank to maintain.

If your team mates really are slaying as much as you say then surely you are able to capture the enemy’s flag?

To play CTF or all objective gametypes effectively you have to outslay the team prioir to pushing the objective.

I understand some players are purely only slaying past the point where a possible capture arises but if so then just rack up your capture’s and get the win you are going for.

I blame it to the progression xp system.