People still play Halo 3 in X360?

I cant belive it

Yes, but more are on Xbox One.

I still play on 360. Its better there than on MCC

I still have the 360, didn’t buy the Xbox One because of no split-screen in Halo 5.
From time to time when old friends come around that’s the game we play, Halo 3.
Halo 3 if by far the best Halo game, great memories I have.
Halo 3 has it all, great gameplay, no stupid abilities, the best maps in any Halo game and great 4p split-screen.
Halo 3 split-screen is pure adrenaline, trash-talking, picking on other screen, stealing kills, etc…
I hope Halo 3 Anniversary comes next year. But it will probably have split-screen only on Scorpio and PC.