People say Halo infinite feels like mix between old and new. I don't see why

How does Halo infinite feel like a mix of different halos?

Halo 4 - sprinting and loadouts

Halo infinite - sprinting clamber slide and pickups.

Halo infinite and Halo 4 play exactly the same. Your always making plays around the Sprint. This leads to stale long-winded gameplay. Halo 4 suffered because of this and removing loadouts didn’t work either. Sprint never worked by itself. It worked in halo 5 because your Sprint was limited by the shields. Now it’s not like that anymore which causes Sprint to be an even bigger issue.

This isn’t a post hating on Sprint. I actually love Sprint but I think it only worked in halo 5 because it was attached to the abilities.

You know what other game plays like this?

Call of duty warzone - Sprint clamber slide.

It’s literally the same gameplay loop. They didn’t create a Halo that’s a mix between old and new. They created a Halo that’s exactly like the current call of duty and Halo 4.

So I gatta ask how are people saying they like this when back in Halo reach and Halo 4 everyone hated how Sprint ruined map flow and map design?

Halo 5 was unique because of the thrust combos and moves you can do. Classic Halo was unique because without clamber or Sprint it made traversing the map a lot harder which in turn made it a more skillful game. The moves in halo 5 added to this skill gap because you needed good timing to pull them off. Halo infinite has no skill gap. It’s just reload and shoot but in the sprinting loop. It’s super casual feeling just like Halo 4 felt. Halo 5 and classic Halo feel like I can master movement and I’ll be rewarded for it where as in halo infinite it just feels like a generic shooter because there is no nook and crannies. No jump spots. So cool 3 part jumps. Nothing to actually sperpeate you from another player. No matter how good you are your gameplay will look the same as any other player minus the aim.

Pickups are the only times where you can feel cool and fun in the game. Only problem is pickups make the game random. The more random the game is the less it’s about skill. Halo 5 was great because it was about equal starts. Everyone had a chance to do the same moves. Now if you happen to spawn near equipment it creates another variable which doesn’t add to skill.

Overall this doesn’t play like Halo to me in the slightest. Many don’t know this but in the books MasterChief ALWAYS fights with a thruster pack. It should be the main ability attached to the spartan. Halo 5 truly felt like Halo from the books. Aside from that classic plays better than infnite does. Just go take a look at Halo 3s guardian. It had cool jumps. It had a lot of variety in jumps and types of plays. Now looks at streets from Halo infinite. A lot of hallways. Open spaces. Barely any jumps. Barely anything within the open spaces. Just bare. Why is it like that? Because of Sprint. Even plaza from Halo 5 has more going on because it was based around equal starts. Not map pick ups. People made fun of Halo 5 for having big maps because of the abilities but in reality there are actually quite small esspically compared to the infnite maps.

I could go on but I’ll end it here.


Great analysis. I feel like this is COD with Halo-type weapons…sadly it appears that’s what they were going for.

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I agree. I think a lot of it is people getting sucked up by the “new” art style. It plays like a mix of Halo 4 and Halo 5, IMO, and looks infinitely better (pun intended). I don’t think that that is a bad thing, per se, but this is definitely not a return to the “classics” as a lot of people say.


it’s a return to the classics BECAUSE it’s casual fun… Halo CE and 2 started as a split screen shooter on average that people came over to other people’s houses in order to have LAN parties. Once Xbox Live was a thing for Halo 2 and later Halo 3… it was still very much a casual AF slow, tactical arena ish console shooter…

Halo Reach over casualized it with too much RNG elements and armor abilities, Halo 4 made it worse with personalized Loadouts and Random Ordinance… Halo 5 was WAY too sweaty and overcomplicated thanks to the stupid amount of abilities you had at your disposal at one time along with ridiculously overturned aim assist and every single weapon being hitscan pretty much…

Halo infinite simplified the combat down to where Halo needs to be, made most weapons projectiles again, gave every single weapon some kind of role or utility in terms of balance, made sprint a trivial speed increase, made aim assist less strong (tho it’s still good with weapons that don’t have high recoil), and once again, made every armor ability a pick up item with limited uses…

This is as close to Halo CE/3 but modernized I can comfortably say I am ok with because I can tell you for a fact that Halo 4 and 5 were not it, and this is coming from someone who still holds quite a bit of disdain towards 343i…


i totally agree, halo 5 was the best halo MP since halo 2


infinite plays absolutely nothing like halo 4. infinite’s sprint is a 9% speed increase and allows you to fire, melee and throw grenades instantly out of it. halo 4’s sprint essentially doubles your speed, is clunky as hell and the game’s emphasis on loadouts instead of the sandbox made it feel super one dimensional. infinite has its own problems but none of them are shared with halo 4.

Only problem is pickups make the game random. The more random the game is the less it’s about skill. Halo 5 was great because it was about equal starts.

what? they’re on a timer and spawn in fixed locations. do you think weapons on the map make the game random too? on-map equipment is what made halo 3 the most well received multiplayer in the franchise. halo 5 sucked because it took away from the sandbox in order to give everyone intrinsically powerful abilities.


No weapons and power ups are the staples of Halo. They don’t make anything random because every weapon can counter eachother and power ups are always in the center and or in a place where both teams fight over it.

The equipment on the other hand gives players an unfair advantage. I was just playing a game where some dude grappled over me and another dude pushed me away with the repulsor. All the abilities were taken so I had nothing to fight them with other than weapons. This also happens vise versa when I’m the one with the grapple and I beat him only because I was able to close the gap with the grapple. It’s unbalanced. No one should have different movement options over another player.

Halo 5 opened up the sand box. Nothing was taken away. Halo infinite is what closed up the sandbox because now there is nothing to do. The only time you get to do something is when you have the pickups.

The fuild feeling your explaining from Halo infnite is exactly why it shouldn’t be in the game. Players should be pusnshied for sprinting like they were in halo 5

I think because H5 leaned so far into quick mobility, this game feels a lot more like Bungie Halo but it still has a couple more mobility options, hence the mix of old and new. Base mobile wise it feels closer to H4 than 5, but still feels very different and more Halo like because H4 had a cod style sprint and gun/ability/perk loadouts. So yeah, Infinite feels much more like Bungie Halo than 4/5, with a couple mobility enhancements thrown in. It also visually just looks like Halo again, that’s a big factor as well.

I think if HCS settings were used from the get go the game would’ve done better. I wasn’t a fan of spartan charge and I think that whithin itself WAS them leaning to far into the quick movement. I think HCS settings from Halo 5 was the middle man that Halo infnite should’ve been

H5 HCS settings were great after a while I agree. I miss it tbh. Would’ve played it more but heavy aim and the lack of fov control really took its toll on me. #BringBack5ShotMagnumStarts

Yes heavy aim sucked. And yes Halo 5 needed fov Controlls BAD. And yes bring back the pistol. It feels and plays amazing. It was the perfect balanced weapon that promoted skill because one shot per trigger pull is harder than the br which is 3 shots per trigger pull.